Saturday, December 1, 2012

rambles about my smoothie

My friend Hannah commented on this post about the photo of my smoothie wondering what I put in it. So, I am about to unleash the secret. Actually, it’s pretty simple, and pretty boring, considering I’ve made it nearly every morning for the past year. J  Mom and I were diehards about green smoothies every morning for almost a year, but then I just started making them without the spinach and other green stuffs, and was I happy!! I’m really a wimp when it comes to nasty food, even if it’s good for me. (I could care less about whether it’s good for me. J If it tastes good, it’s good. lol) Anyway, mom’s been having me add the green to hers after I take mine out. There, we’re both happy. J
So… the smoothie. 
Nancy’s plain yogurt
Kiwi (added it for the first time today. Yum!!)
Lemon cube (we freeze fresh squeezed lemon juice in ice cube trays. )
Homemade grape juice (We can it every year, and it’s heaven on earth, people.)
And a little water.
And for mom’s, I added,
Chia seeds
And heart health powder, from the Bulk Herb Store

These two ^ are of mine, before I added all the green stuff. :) Delicious, yes?
And this is mom's.  :)

Mine was amazing. I loved the lemon and kiwi in there. They gave the smoothie a wonderful sour pop. :) (Funny story about why I added the kiwis... I was talking to my uncle yesterday on the phone, and somehow we got on the subject of foods with weird textures. And kiwi's were on his list of foods that are to be avoided, due to awful textures.  He said that if he was on a planet that only grew kiwi's he'd starve... My solution was to make a kiwi smoothie, 'casue then you don't have to taste the texture. And that's why I added the kiwi. 'Cause I would have never thought of that all by myself. I'm just not creative like that. :)
I didn't taste mom's, but she said it wasn't bad.... or good either. :)  But it was definantly very healthy and all of that good stuff. :)

So now i'm curious, what do you eat for breakfast normaly?


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  1. Yay!! Thank you!! I would try it but I don't have nectarines or kiwi or that stuff :( I stopped eating my smoothie, mostly because we don't have all the stuff. Besides it was really high-calorie. Do chia seeds have a weird taste? I heard they're really good to fill you up, plus they have omega 3s like flaxseeds.


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