Saturday, December 29, 2012

103 in 2013

I have seen this idea around on different blogs, and have decided that it sounds like a lot of fun. So here’s my list of 103 things I want to do/ learn/accomplish in 2013. J
103 in 2013 
1.    Start writing and finish a novel.
2.    Meet someone whose blog I follow
3.    Find the big dipper entirely on my own.
4.    Learn the entire Canon in D on the piano.
5.     Attend to a play
6.     Make another ‘50’s style swing dress.
7.     Make a ruffle fabric maxi skirt
8.    Finish reading the Anne Shirley series.
9.     Watch Les Miserables
10.   Meet a friend for coffee
11.   Have a photo-shoot Multnomah Falls
12.   Make a denim skirt
13.   Refashion an ugly thrift store find into something really cute
14.   Start exercising 3-4 times a week
15.   Keep a list of every single book I read. (This is so hard!)
16.   Memorize one verse a week.
17.   Make an inspiration board for my wall.
18.   Organize my blog posts better.
19.    Bungee Jump
20.   Save $1000 dollars
21.   Get my license
22.   Learn to actually hit the target when I shoot guns.
23.   Give a girlfriend a gift for no reason other than to say “I love you.”
24.   Learn to do hairstyles on my sisters.
25.   Sew my little sisters matching dresses.
26.   Get patio do a photo shoot.
27.   Sew a pretty dress for myself
28.   journal more frequently
29.   Learn to accessorize more with my outfits.
30.   Host a summer {evening} tea party for my friends.
31.   Learn to Swing dance.
32.  Buy some really wild earrings {that I like} and wear them 
33.   Make gluten free bread that is really delicious.
34.   Make it a week without cheating on my diet.
35.   Have a friend over spontaneously and make dinner together. J
36.   Buy a pair of heels. (Not too high, just heels.)
37.   Go on some hikes.
38.   Do a 40 followers giveaway on life’s melody
39.   Have someone guest post on life’s melody
40.  Learn how to take a photo of a sun flare. J
41.   Learn to pose people for photos.
42.   Get contacts.
43.   Take my brother to Starbucks.
44.   Make my mom a skirt.
45.   Learn to arrange flowers.
46.   Teach my little siblings a craft.
47.   Go skiing with Thomas.
48.   Comment on every blog I follow         
49.   Go to the beach.
50.   Eat at 2 different restaurants with friends. {and order something different than we normally get.}
51.   Finish watching the Love Comes Softly series with Hannah Elise
52.   Teach Luke a song on the piano besides Mary had a little Lamb. He’s got that one down to a science!
53.   Go swimming somewhere and not be grossed out with the water. (like a clean stream or something.)
54.   Bake cookies at 10:00 at night just because.
55.    Make an omelet at midnight, while watching a movie.
56.   Dance in a rain shower.
57.   Cliff jump again.           
58.   Buy something for my mom just because.
59.   Learn to swing dance. (Linde hop!! J)
60.   Teach my yellow lab, Sunny, to roll over.
61.   Start writing 1000 words a day
62.   Sing a song completely through every day for a week. {Doesn't have to be the same song, just a song.
63.   Do a post of quotes that I love.
64.   Take at least ten photos a day for a month.
65.   Do a book review on my blog.
66.   Sing a song backwards, just for the fun of it.
67.   Read a book aloud to my little sisters.
68.   Do a 30 day challenge on my blog.
69.   Host a cookie exchange
70.   Make matching skirts with a friend, and then wear them somewhere together.
71.   Watch a “big kid” movie with my 14-year-old- brother.
72.   Buy a bubble necklace.
73.   Smile at myself every morning as I put on makeup, for a month. J
74.   Make a memory jar.
75.   Make a cheesecake.
76.   Learn some different hairstyles to do with my now chin length hair.
77.   Have a tea party with my little sisters.
78.   Get better at volleyball.
79.   Learn to do the waterfall braid.
80.  Learn to do the fishtail braid.
81.   Perfect the French braid. J
82.    Buy a cute hat. {Fedora type…J}
83.   Wear said cute hat in public
84.   Print some of my photos.
85.   Take cookies to an elderly widow.
86.   Have my photo taken, so I finally have some photos of me that I like.
87.   Buy more cd’s so that I don’t listen to the same couple cd’s over and over. J like I do.
88.   Take a picture of a friend {without them knowing it} and frame it and give it to them. J
89.   Get a part time job somewhere.
90.   Buy something for an amazing deal at a thrift store that I LOVE.
91.   Learn more about my camera’s settings.
92.   Read a book aloud to my little brothers.
93.   Watch more Jimmy Stewart movies.
94.   Go through my closet and get rid of the things I won’t ever wear.
95.   Do more housecleaning jobs.
96.   Buy something off Etsy.
97.   Babysit for someone other than my mom. J
98.   Read Emma.
99.   Have a BBC sleepover with some of my friends.
100.   Buy more old/antique books to add to my collection
101.   Hike Eagle creek again.
102.    Read several more Charles Dickens books.
103.   See a shooting star.

This is my list of "things I want to do" in 2013, and I am going to try really hard to do all of
them. That way it will seem like I'm being really productive.... :) Some of these are silly (55, 
56, 62... :) and others are things I have really really wanted to do for a while now, and it would 
seem likely that I just might be able to accomplish them in the up coming year. I am so 
excited about this new year. The possibly are endless!! :)

What are you looking forward to most in this New Year?


  1. Do you not smile at yourself when you're doing your morning makeup? Hmm, I guess I don't in the morning either . . . but I frequently do really weird faces at myself in mirrors throughout the day, if I'm in a good mood :) I like your list! Much more productive than mine.

  2. I am totally going to do this on my blog!!! Awesome Idea!!!


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