Thursday, April 13, 2017

February 18th // our wedding

I keep looking through our lovely wedding photos and they are making me so happy! We had the most wonderful, magical wedding day!

 I wasn't sure what to expect, we knew it was going to be wonderful and emotionally charged and so busy! The women in my life kept telling me that I should just relax and expect that anything that could go wrong was going to go wrong, and I just needed to roll with it. What I didn't expect was to have my venue flood two days before the wedding!! I freaked out a little bit, however by our wedding day the building was dry and fine! 

February 18th was mostly cloudy, and slightly chilly, but wasn't raining! My maid of honor, Hannah, and I arrived at the Grange very early for make-up and hair, and it was completely surreal to walk in and fully realize that I was getting married to my best friend in only 4 1/2 hours! The morning flew past, and I was so much more emotional than I anticipated. :)

My favorite wedding pictures are always the first look photographs. While wedding planning, and reading dozens of wedding blogs, every bride said that they were stressed and nervous until the first look, so I knew that I wanted to do it, especially because I wanted to do photos before the ceremony so we would still have a special moment. I was a complete mess of emotions and nerves right before I went upstairs to see Scott for the first time. But when I finally made it up there, it was amazing and I calmed down and the rest of the day was wonderful!

Scott looked absolutely amazing! He was a wonderful sport about a pink tie. ;) It still blows my mind that we're actually married!!

 I think the flower girl dresses were my favorite thing about the whole wedding! They were absolutely darling, and Lydia was so excited about hers! :) 

We had a slight issue with ordering the bridesmaid dresses, and it was almost disastrous, but three weeks before, we found dresses on Amazon that ended up being perfect and beautiful!

My sisters looked so grown up and beautiful!

Isn't she adorable and the sweetest thing ever??

I knew I had to request the photo of Scott's face when I walked down the aisle! It's so sweet!!

Hannah sang the most beautiful rendition of "How Deep the Father's Love for Us," with my oldest brother, Thomas, accompanying her with the guitar. It was stunning!

We decided to keep our ceremony and reception very simple, skipping most traditions. For our reception, we served cake, cookies, fruit and drinks, and to spend the afternoon just visiting with our guests. It was lovely! 

The night before the wedding a ton of the people from my church helped us set up, which was extremely awesome. It went so much fast than we anticipated! Everything turned out beautifully. I wanted to keep the tables simple, but still pretty, and they turned out so well!!

 We hadn't wanted to do the whole cake tradition, but got talked into it at the last minute. And it turned out pretty cute!! 

Hannah made the sweetest, cutest toast ever! 
 We snuck out of the reception half way through, because the sun came out for a few moments, and the photos turned out so cute! 

My parents pulled wigs out and sang a rendition of "I've Got You Babe" at the end of the reception... It was very amusing and very "them."

We left the reception, blissfully happy and incredibly excited.... Only to return an hour later... because I realized that I had the keys to the building in my purse. But it turned out fine, and then Scott and I left for our honeymoon, a wonderful cruise to Ensenada Mexico, which was quite the adventure. (Seasickness is a very real thing!!!)

We have now been married 55 amazing days!! I am exited to be married for the rest of forever! Its been even more wonderful than I even imagined. I love being able to spend so much time together, and our wonderful little house. Its adorable!

I started working several weeks ago, as a {almost full time} Nanny, and I am happy to be busy! 

Photo Credit and a huge THANK YOU to John Hainline who did the most amazing job with our photos!! They turned out stunning!