Wednesday, February 27, 2013

of tea cups, sunshine and egg heads

Tea + steam = entertainment on afternoons when I don't really want to be doing schoolwork.

I don't have a green thumb, in fact quite the opposite, but I love having plants all over my room. It makes me happy, and they also feel empty spaces. win-win. 

I recently moved upstairs into my older brothers room. For the first time in my entire life, I have my own room and it is kind of weird. But a good kind of weird. It's been nice not having to worry about waking the girls by staying up late, but it was strange sleeping in a room all by myself. (Especially that night the power didn't work and the nightlight didn't work. :)

I'm gonna do something with these Starbucks frap jars someday. I keep telling myself that, and now there sitting on my window sill begging me to do something with them. Maybe some chalkboard vases, yes? 
I've been trying to start wearing outfits that incorporate these shoes. ^ I think they're adorable.

Books are a necessity, which is why they are sitting in stacks all over my room. :)

My siblings made these adorable egg heads. You break just the tops off the egg shells when you use them, and then fill them with dirt and grass seed. It doesn't take long for the grass/hair to grow, and they are positively adorable. 

They's so cute, yes? I dare you to make one. (Those stands are made out of an egg carton, btw)

     Over the last two weeks, I kept trying to post. Trying to write something filled with personal, raw, from my heart stuff, but I had lost my words for a while. I’m trying to do a writing challenge, (with a bunch of other people online,) right now, (write 100 words for 100 days,) and sometimes that takes all my words and then some. J

     So this is spontaneous, and mostly just little random stuff that make me happy. And I guess, now that I think about it, little random stuff that makes me happy (and laugh) is what really makes up my life. Just as my mom, she’ll agree with that. I can be the most random person that you’ll ever meet, flitting from one funny thing I found online to the next, and then describing something I saw or read. It’s the way I work, and I’m okay with that now. (Kudos to you if you get that reference. My family watched that movie over 25 times since my older brothers and I were little. It’s my dad’s favorite.)
This year, I can’t wait for spring to arrive in all her glory. Most other years, I didn’t want spring to come early, because when she does, her cousin Summer is right behind her, and I don’t usually enjoy Summer all that much. But this year, I am so ready for spring and summer and wearing flip-flops and light clothing. I don’t exactly ever bundle up, even when it’s really clod, and my mom is always telling me to go put socks and sweaters on, but it will be so nice to just walk out of the house with a light outfit, and flip flops and be perfectly comfortable.
      And this year I am excited for Spring to arrive because on Monday, March 4th, 2013, (sorry.) I am starting DRIVERS ED, and that’s practically spring. (my family always considers March 1st the beginning of spring. Because we’re weird. And crazy. the end.) I am so excited to be able to drive. It’s like, well, when you can drive, you can go places and do things. Out of chocolate, great, I’ll just run to the store… I am dying to take pictures and can’t find inspiration here, fine, we can fix that, let’s grab a friend and go for a drive. And maybe I’ll even meet someone for coffee for the first time too. That would be awesome, eh, Hannah, (hint hint) :)

     What are you looking forward to this Spring/Summer, and are you getting warm weather, or does it still seem like winter there?


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

wanderlust // to travel the world, that would be adventure

Dorset, England
I'm a country girl. Always have been, and always will be. But way down deep in my heart, I am filled to the core with wanderlust.
manhattan skyline
 I dream of traveling to the places I have only read about. I dream of seeing Paris, (and eating French food for the first time!), London and all the wonderful things to see there. I want to go to Italy, to see New York, and Arlington Cemetery.
Heart Sea Arch, Portugal
I long to travel, to see the world. I want to explore castles, and mountains, waterfalls, and little antique stores tucked away in a street in London. I want to swim in a warm ocean, to go diving with beautiful colorful fish, to skydive, and cliff jump (again.) I want to have adventures beyond imagination.

I want to ride an elephant, and see the Palace Guard change in front of Queen Elizabeth’s palace. I want to drink coffee at a coffee shop in some little town in France. I want to ride in a hot air balloon in Germany. 
    I want to see all the crazy, beautiful, lovely things there are too see in this world. I want to see the people. The culture. The history. The beauty.
Paris, France
     I want to travel the world, and then I will come back to my small little town here in Washington State, and know that I'm home, back in  where I belong...
"I'm a cheap date, take me muddin'!"
…because this is who I am. 
I am a county girl. 
I’m the girl who runs barefoot almost 12 months out of 12, and loves her country.  I'm the girl who loves to read her time away in the warm sunshine. I'm the girl who loves to ride a horse with her hair streaming behind her like a flag.

So even when I'm filled with wanderlust I always know that I will come back. I love this little corner of the world.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Outfit post {3}

 Because I'm such a dork. :)

Skirt: gift from a friend
Gray tee-shirt: Grocery Outlet
Purple shirt: Kmart
scarf: Thrift store

Are you having as lovely weather as I am? :) Blue skies and 50+ degrees. Life is beautiful. 


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Inspiring the Cute {1}


I have finally decided to link up with Sierra. :)


This is just beautiful! It looks so relaxing. :)

the best

Getting letters is the highlight of my day. I love how special it is, and when someone takes the time to hand-write a letter, it is really a special gift.


I really need to start playing hard again. J 

My brother is finally done with his yearlong 'tour' (for lack of a better word) in South Korea. He'll be here until Monday morning, and then he is being sent to Texas. It has been so nice to see him again after (officially) 394 days. :) His girlfriend flew out from Indiana last weekend to visit, and I was able to take some photos of them.  They're so cute!

she is so cute!


there's motivation for ya...bahahaha

I'm sorry, but I have been giggling over this photo for days. :) My brother thought it was awesome. 

What do you love today, leave a comment and tell me, yes?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thomas and Sarah // Couple Portraits

This is my brother. And his girl. I have to admit that if I spend a lot of time thinking about it, it’s a little weird to see him with a girlfriend. But if I don’t spend much time thinking about it, I would tell you that it’s perfectly normal and not crazy at all. Plus, I love the girl, so it’s all good. :) We got to see them together for the first time this weekend, (although we met her last June, and obviously we have known him forever.) and it was strange for a little while, but I got used to it really fast. Aren't they just adorable? (And I have just go to say this; my brother is so handsome in his uniform, yes?) and, I need to also mention that they are not engaged yet. I know that a few of these photos have a ring, but it's a promise ring from Sarah's dad. :)

     This was my very first couple shoot, and I fell in love with portrait photography all over again. Granted, I’m not very good yet, (and I had to go on Pinterest for posing inspiration,) but I had so much fun, and it was lovely. Photography is something that I want to do, a dream I want to peruse. Capturing people and memories for people to look back on is what I love. People are beautiful, and interesting, and when I actually take the time to slow down and look for the little things about people that I see, maybe just walking down the sidewalk, it is so fascinating. I want to be able to accurately capture the personalities of different people.

     Thomas and Sarah met (of all places) a christian singles conference two years ago, and kept in contact ever since. They have 'officially' been together since June. I absolutely loved her the first time we met. :) She was just so cute, and I could totally picture them together. 

 Which is your favorite, and what do you think is the best couple pose? :)