Saturday, November 19, 2016

our story // Scott and Becca

     Scott and I met last 4th of July, through a mutual friends huge annual picnic. As it turns out, they were our only mutual connection at the time. :) 
     I struggle with being very shy, so the whole day I was hanging out with my mom and Aunt, or holding my baby sister, instead of socializing. I wasn't really excited to spend the whole day around a crowd of people, but looking back I am so incredibly glad my family decided to attend. 

     Apparently, Scott was watching me that day, but I never even noticed, and he was too shy to introduce himself at the time. So instead of coming to talk to me, he and a friend found me online... We have since talked about it, and if Scott had tried to talk to me that day, I honestly would have probably not encouraged him at all, because I am shy and not very comfortable talking to guys in general.

Quotes about Missing Someone You Love - AJglitterimages:
      So, we both ended up going home, and I had no idea he was about to rock my world! two days later, I got a text message through my Google account from Scott, introducing himself and explaining that he had really wanted to talk to me, but hadn't, and wondering if I would be interesting in talking. I immediately freaked out! My family has always had a strict "no private contact with the opposite gender "  policy, and a guy I didn't know at all had just randomly contacted me. I knew I had to talk to my dad before replying to him and I was honestly very nervous about how my dad would respond. So I took almost 24 hours to just pray about it before finally feeling a peace about talking to my dad. I emailed him at work, and awaited a response. (So he would have time to think about it and calm down before we talked. haha) 

     My parents were obviously concerned, wondering who this guy was, and we contacted our friends to ask about him. They reassured us that he was a real person, not a stalker, and they attended Church with him. But didn't have too many other details for us. After much consideration, my parents decided that I should reply, and then decided that we needed to meet as soon as possible.

     We met at the river for a picnic six days later, and it was the most nerve-wracking situation. We chose not to tell any of my siblings what was going on, so they were blissfully unaware of the tension going on. I was shaking so bad from nerves when they arrived, and held Lydia almost the entire time to try to mask that. He claims that he was as nervous as I was, but he is way better at faking calm than I am! We didn't talk a lot, (Even after my mother insisted I leave her alone and go sit by him! :) but it was reassuring to know that he was a normal, sane person. I was also somewhat reassured by the fact that the first personal question he asked me was for my testimony. 

     And so, that started a slow, cautious  correspondence between us. It started with chatting online a couple hours a week, and spending time with my family every couple weeks. That changed into phone calls and more involved conversations. 

 the most amazing thing in the world!

     And eventually, I realized that he was the person I looked forward to talking to the most. That he was always in my thoughts, and it didn't matter what I was doing or who I was with, somehow I was always thinking about him. My parents asked me to keep out friendship between just our families for the first eight months, because we weren't officially in a relationship, just cautiously getting to know each other with that possibility in the back of our minds. It was so hard not to talk about him, when I was thinking about him so much! :) I had to constantly stop sentences short in normal conversations with girlfriends because he was such a huge part of my life!

     Then, on March 25th, we met with my parents to talk about where we were in our friendship, and it was a whirl-wind of a conversation, but by the end of it, Scott and I officially had permission to court!! We were so excited and happy to begin this new part of our relationship. And it meant that I was finally allowed to talk about him, and that we would also be able to spend more time together! 

      So we continued spending time together, with my family, I began occasionally attending his Church, and starting to get to know some of the people on his end. (He lives about an hour drive away from me.). 


     In the five months we courted, we fell completely in love with each other. I can honestly say that he is my best friend, and my favorite person in the world! There is nobody I would rather be with! 

     On September 16, 2016, Scott took me out for a "date." We were going to dinner, the beach on the river and then a movie. But once we finally left my house, he started stressing about not having time to get dinner and then see the sunset at the river, so we decided to just go to the river first. (Although both of us were very hungry!) We ended up wading out into the river and just making small talk. (I think he was really excited and nervous. But he knew I was was going to say yes... :) Finally he started to tell me how much he loved me and a lot of other beautiful things I can't remember at all! (I was too excited to pay super close attention.) And then suddenly he was holding out the most beautiful ring and asked me to marry him. I said "OF COURSE!" ;)

And now we are planning a wedding, our home, and to spend absolutely forever together!

Friday, November 18, 2016

l i f e // november


I kind of feel like this season of life should be officially renamed from "engaged" to "Wedding Planning!"I'm always working on it, and  have to consciously make an effort to not talk about it constantly. Its honestly astonishing how many thousands of details and decisions there are to be made. I have lists everywhere which is helping,  but we have to decide everything from shiny tulle or matte tulle, to his wedding band, to what kind of dessert we'll be serving.There are so many things we don't have figured out yet, like honeymoon plans, and what time we're having the wedding... (On a side note, I did my passport application today... even though we don't know where we're going yet. And I was happy the photograph didn't turn out as awful as I've heard most do. ;) 

    I am so excited to get to marry my best friend, (92 days!) and I cannot wait until our wedding day. But lately I've been thinking so much about after the wedding and honeymoon are over. The weeks and months after we say "I do" and real life begins. People keep asking me if I'm nervous to get married. And I'm not nervous at all about marrying Scott. I am completely at peace with the decision to get married, and I'm beyond excited to be his wife and spend forever with him. 
     The only part that makes me nervous at this point is learning to run a household by myself, (obviously with him, but I mean without my mom overseeing things.) and everything that entails. Having to decide what to do for meals! Finding a balance between working, and keeping the house together. But I keep hearing that it'll be fine, we'll figure out how to make everything work, and things will settle down into a routine. My sister-in-law and a couple friends have been a huge help with it comes to questions about all that. :)

     Its so strange to think about the fact that in three months I won't be living with my family. I won't be doing any of my normal routine, nannying for my cute kiddos, running siblings around, or the endless laundry. The people I nanny for are starting to look for a new Nanny.  Last month I visited my best friend, Hannah, for a long weekend, and it felt so odd, because its one of the last times we'll hang out just being girly like that. 

anyhow, what has been happening in your life lately? 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

the beginning of forever // an announcement


 Scott Weston and I are officially engaged to be married!

On September 16th, he put the most beautiful sparkly ring on my finger, and asked me to marry him, and I said yes, of course! :)

We have been engaged for 24 days, and I am still amazed every-time I glance down and see my ring and realize again that I get to marry the most wonderful man in the world and spend absolutely forever with him!

And to answer some questions we've been getting over and over:
How We Met
Scott and I met through a mutual friends 4th of July picnic in 2015, although he was too shy to introduce himself at the time. Instead, he and a friend found me online and he messaged me two days later. A week later, after praying about it, talking to my parents, checking on him with our friends, and thinking about it a lot, our families met for a picnic so that the two of us could officially meet. And that started a slow friendship that blossomed into love!

How long have you been together?
We began courting at the end of March. We realized that we were more than just friends at that point, and together with my parents decided to move forward with our relationship. 


When Is the Wedding?
We are planning our wedding for the third weekend of February. :) That's 131 days, and it feels like forever, but everyone says that it will go by so fast! :)

How did he propose?
Scott and I had planned a date night, and he told me he wanted to take me to dinner, and then to a beach down at the Columbia that we found last month and loved, to watch the sunset, and then to see a movie he was excited about. I was excited for a relaxed evening, just spending time together. He came up to my house to pick me up, and we ended up spending over an hour sitting in our backyard with my mom and siblings, just visiting and hanging out together. Then we left to go to dinner,  and on the way he started stressing a little bit that we were going to miss the sunset. So we decided to go to the river first, and we both took our shoes off and waded out into the water. He was acting a little bit nervous, and we just stood there and talked about nothing in particular. and then he started telling me how much he loved me and a lot of other things I honestly can't remember, and then he pulled the most beautiful ring out of his pocket and held it out to me and asked me to marry him! and I said " Of course!!" and he slipped it on my finger and we were officially engaged! We hugged and smiled like crazy and were both pretty excited. And then we hurried to dinner because we were both incredibly hungry! :)


Our engagement photos were taken by Emily Coder. She did a fabulous job and they turned out sooo cute!

We are in the middle of wedding planning, and all the details that entails, plus getting our little house ready. I'm so excited  and cannot wait to start our lives together! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

its a girl thing // polka dots

Outfit details:
Skirt: Handmade Circle Skirt
Shirt: Fred Myers
Boots: Famous Footwear

Today was a most perfect first day of fall. Sunny, but cool and crisp. I was nannying this morning, working on scoring math pages for mom this afternoon, and am headed out the door in a little while for a girls night out with my sister-in-law. All things considered, its been a good day! :) My whole family has been sick for a couple weeks, but everyone is finally on the mend, which is wonderful, and its been nice to be busy again this week. I just bought these boots, and I have to say I am very happy with them. They're adorable and surprisingly comfortable. 

How was your summer?

Friday, July 15, 2016

thoughts on hard days

This quote has been on my mind a lot lately. I have had a pretty hard week; dealing with a bad allergic reaction, running around a lot to different jobs, and then hormones and cramps thrown in there for good measure, all jumbled together to make me frazzled and stressed. I am realizing that  I have been letting little things get under my skin, one annoying conversation or a sibling playing the same three note "song" for the twelfth time in a row, a hurtful comment, or even just a headache, and I am letting them ruin my whole day, and then I excuse my wrong attitudes and behavior, pushing the blame off on anybody else. So I have been thinking about this; Is it really a bad day, out of my control? Or was it just hard for a few minutes and can I brush it off, pray about it and push through the rest of the day with a good attitude?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

the art of being rediculous

John is my trusty photographer. He is sweet and always agrees, and is very gracious by while I change settings, check the lighting and poses and exclaim about how creepy and awkward I look. He just rolls his eyes and snaps another twenty photos. And somehow, with how many pictures we take, its amazing how few "acceptable" ones we get. I think it's a combination of my awkward personality, his laughing at me, and how short my attention span is; because most of the photos we capture end up being entirely ridiculous. Now I'm wondering... do I really appear this ditzy in real life, or just whenever a camera appears. :)

Thursday, June 16, 2016

the many faces of james

James is a bundle of crazy energy. He's incredibly intelligent, has the vocabulary of a much older child, and is rather hilarious. He can be super sweet, and then turn around and be all boy. I don't think I've ever gotten him to pose with anything resembling a normal smile. James has the knack of being able to drive me absolutely insane and also make me melt with his cuteness. This morning he told Mama that she looked cool; because girls say pretty and beautiful, and boys say cool and awesome. He's pretty awesome. :)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

its a girl thing // cranberry

this i need to do this afternoon:
* finish scoring the kiddo's math pages
* fold and put away the mountain of clothing that is currently covering my bed. 
* laundry
* play with my puppy.

places I'd rather be today:
* the beach. always the beach.
* Paris
* Italy
* Goldendale

simple things i love at the moment:
* lemonade
*captain crunch cereal
*morning coffee, afternoon coffee, after dinner coffee
* the sound of the rain outside my window
*listening to Lydia pretend to talk on the phone
* ice cream
* watching my siblings watch a movie

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

How to Get Dressed // Book Review


How to Get Dressed 
by Alison Freer

Costume Designer Alison Freer's styling kit is a magic bag of tricks, built to solve every single wardrobe malfunction on earth. TV and film productions wait for nothing, so her solution have to work fast. In How to Get Dressed Alison distills her secrets into a fun, comprehensive style guide focused on rethinking your wardrobe like a fashion expert and making what's in your closet work for you.
    ...instead of repeating boring style "rules" Alison breaks the rules and gets real about everything from bras to how to deal with inevitable fashion disasters. Including helpful information such as how to skip ironing and the dry cleaners, remove every stain under the sun and help clueless men get their sartorial acts together, How to Get Dressed has hundreds of insider tips from Alison's arsenal of tools and expertise.
- From the back cover
I'd never read a fashion book before, but was interested in a review by one of my favoritest bloggers, so I started reading this with high hopes. The book itself is adorable, with gold and polka dot accents all the way through. I love books that are not only interesting, but are also designed attractively and adorable, and this book was both! And her tips and tricks are insanely practical. It's stuff real people can use, not a book of designer clothing and tips only people with a huge budget can use. Practical advice for using what you have, altering to make things more flattering, and what to buy intentionally instead of just splurging on lots of stuff, 
     I would definitely recommend this book to those interested in dressing intentionally and learning to be practical, frugal, and comfortable with their wardrobe.

Friday, June 3, 2016

These are a few of my favorite things // 07

+ reading books with Lydia
+ being busy
+ late night ice cream
+ funny conversations with James {4}
+ solving problems
+ deep cleaning
+ strawberry acacia refreshers from starbucks
+ warm weather with blue skies!!
+ thousands of daisies on our property
+ sunsets
+ the Psalms
+ dancing
+ old movies (Cary Grant, Gregory Peck and Audry Hepburn.)
+ P.G. Wodehouse
+ playing old piano pieces
+ picking up my flute again (and remembering why I stopped playing. Hyperventilating isn't very fun. :)