Saturday, July 28, 2012

my mountain // one excited girl

I am so, so, so, totally, absolutely, completely…
… excited 

See this mountain^ (obviously, if you’re reading this, you’re not blind. So you can see it, right? J)
     Follower, this is my mountain. Notice the word my. After reading this post, you might consider me to be a completely weird country girl, but I love my mountain. He’s always there in the distance, watching everything that goes on around him. I’ve always dreamed and wanted to meet Mt. Adam’s face to face. I get excited on a clear day, when I can see him really well, and, (this is top secret) I’ve even had a couple secret conversations with him in my head.
     And ftr, I have a friend who feels the same way, I mean about it being her mountain. So I’m not the only crazy girl on the planet who thinks she can claim a mountain as her own.
     For the very first time, on Thursday, I get to meet my mountain! [Translation: My dad is taking my three younger brothers up to climb Mt. Adams, with some friends from church, and he finally told me this morning that I can crash the guy’s party, and tag along!!!!]
     I’m so happy!!!! It’s been on my bucket list for a really long time, and I can cross it off in just a few days!!!!! J

cute cowboy photoshoot

Last week, I convinced my little brother Luke to go out on a cowboy photo-shoot. He is absolutely adorable, and loved posing in all the different ways we tried. I believe it was my first real photo-shoot!! :)

Isn’t he a cutie?!?
How’s your summer been so far? Have you been hiking/camping yet (or plan to!!!)?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

--blog redo--

I'm am in the process of working on a bunch of changes around here, so it looks a little crazy right now! :)

I'll probably be finished next week. ('cause it takes me so long! :)

Until then, have a wonderful weekend. I'm going camping with 500-600 people this weekend. Sounds crazy and fun. We're gonna try not to lose any kids or pick up any extras in the process.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

food {plus} photography {equals} tons of fun

       I’ve been cooking like crazy lately. I get into moods like this, where I cook up a storm, and then a month from now, I’ll probably not want to cook again in my life!! J
        Mostly, I’ve been baking bread. Bread with rosemary is the best in the entire world!!!!! And baking it in a Dutch oven is just way to much fun!  Seriously,  the Dutch oven gives it a really crunch crust, which is to die for, by the way, and, well, it’s just…fun. :)

Hearth Bread. This bread is delicious!!

 recipe source here

            I also made French fries for the very first time ever. These are delicious!!! Way better than fast-food and it only takes half of forever!!!! :)

^This one was fun to arrange! I believe that was my first attempt at food photography!! :)

recipe source here
     Fruit Pizza!! This is so colorful, and pretty, and yummy. (Although next time I make it, I’m gonna substitute our sugar cookie recipe for the crust. J) ^

I can’t figure out why blogger turns photos sometimes!! But anyway, isn’t he adorable!!!! :)