Saturday, November 30, 2013

Nun Queen// excerpts


"Captain Holdings has been a perfect gentleman, and I have not lacked for the slightest comfort he could provide me with while under his protection. He followed your orders, My Lord, and did nothing wrong. I am not at all angry with him. Please forgive him, Sir." The exertion of speaking overcame me, and I nearly fell in a dead faint at his feet, which would have been quite unromantic and rather embarrassing. He noticed that I was about to fall, and is attention was transferred from the poor Captain to getting me into his mother's care immediately.

"So, I am to slink away into hiding as though I am a criminal?" Even I was surprised at how angry and hard my voice sounded. 
         "I am not a criminal, My Lords. Perhaps you have forgotten that I am Queen Arianna Defoe, and this man is attempting to overthrow the throne and kingdom that is duly and lawfully mine. It does not befit a Queen to go into hiding, My Lords, I cannot and I will not!"

(These are excerpts from my current book. And they also happen to be the first bit I have ever let anyone read. :) It is quite scary, but a little exciting too. The current name, "Nun Queen," is only temporary, until I can find something descriptive that fits Arianna and her story well. And no, I wasn't apart of NANO. :) )

Also, I am traveling down to CA next week for my brother's wedding, so I shall be offline. :) I have scheduled two posts, though. For some reason this week inspiration has hit me between the eyes, and I have been writing blog posts and book reviews like a madwoman, and leaving most of them in drafts, for a later date when I run out of inspiration again. :) It would't do to overwhelm you with twenty blog-posts in a week, would it?
        comments, advice, and thoughts on these little bits of my story would be greatly appreciated! :)

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Thankful for: family, friends, blue skies and cheery fires, white chocolate lattes, baby giggles,    best-friends who don't mind if I bother them again for the forth or fifth time in a day, dogs that are always happy to see you, books that make me cry and amazing literature, toddler kisses and cute things kids say,  adorable movies that end perfectly, scenes in my book that almost write themselves, bread and butter, mashed potatoes, photos that turn out just right, people who love me, sweaters and scarfs, rainstorms that leave the world fresh and sparkling, snowflakes that dance across a frozen sky, bright stars that twinkle in the heavens, words that inspire, quiet, Jesus, freedom to think and believe and not be persecuted for it,  making memories.
          There is so much to be thankful for. My parents have been talking a lot about third-world countries and orphans this year, and it makes  me sad to think about all of the suffering and need, and it also makes me so thankful for what I have, and the people I have.

        (We're actually not celebrating our Thanksgiving until Saturday, because most of my family is sick, but I thought it was most appropriate to post this today. :) I have two pumpkin pies cooling on the counter though, in preparation for Saturday, and may I just say, "You had better be very thankful for your pumpkin pie today, with whip cream, because I am DYING for a slice." ;)

          Have a lovely Thanksgiving; enjoy your family, friends and food (and pie!), and tell me a few things you're thankful for this year! 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

christmas spirit

Last week I decided that we are close enough to Christmas to make it officially acceptable to force my family to listen to Christmas music and goodness gracious they'd enjoy it TO! So I made an pandora station, and had Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole and Fred Astaire and all those lovely old chaps playing, and  one day last week, I was dancing around and singing and squealing and in absolute heaven, and I happened to mention that this particular song was sung by Bing Crosby. 

*Bing Crosby's "Oh Come all Ye Faithful begins* 
Me: See, we like him, Bing Crosby is good. Everybody can handle listening to this right?
John: Oh, He's okay, I guess. Okay.
Me: But he's like Fred Astaire... Old and absolutely amazing!!!
John: Bing Crosby... Bing Crosby...Crosby... He wouldn't happen to be Fanny's brother would he?

mama insists that christmas music isn't supposed to be played until after Thanksgiving, but I am just as adamant that we don't get to listen to christmas music very long as it is, so we will start listening to it now, in small doses at least. :) Everyone is putting up with it, but I am enjoying it so much. :) :)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

abandoned nest

While out walking in the woods the other day, and blowing on dandelion fluffs, I stumbled across a gorgeous abandoned nest, and snapped some pictures. I was so happy with the way they turned out. (especially the second one. :). I am always amazed at the beautiful,  intricate nests little tiny birds can create with their beaks!!!  And golden leaves always add a beautiful glow to any picture.:) 


Friday, November 15, 2013

Les Miserables

              How does one even begin to review Les Miserables? I am competely at a loss for words.
Several weeks ago I finally finished this master piece, (and have not been able to post this review due to tecnical difficulties.) having spent a month and a half working my way through it. I do read extremely fast, thanks to a speed reading/ comprehenseon course my mother put me through several years ago, but this book was so overwhelming at times, with Hugo's vivid, yet extremely in-depth narratives, and I had to take requent breaks to allow my brainpower to recharge. I managed to read at least 6-8 other books while reading thsi massive volume. 
After finishing the last sentence, I was overwhelmed, and sat still for a while; compltely at a loss. I was't sure what to think or do. I have never been so affected by a book before. I actually cried during the last several chapters. (Although I know a  few people who would consider me heartless to just have cried at the end, when the entire book was so tragic.), and if you know me well, you know that I never cry.)

          I believe it is a known fact on here that I write. Because I am a lover of words, stories and reading, it is only naturla that I scribble away, creating my own worlds of people and plot-lines, but while reading Les Miserables, I hardly wrote a word. My characters and story hjave sat compltely neglected, (I still haven't really written much,) My characters and story have sat compltely neglected, as I moved throughout the world of Jean Valjean, Marius, Fantine and so many other beautiful and wonderful characters, that slowly became best friends, (as well as a few disgusting characters that demanded and recieved my disgust and distaste.) :) I felt that it wasn't even worth my time writing. Victor Hugo has created the most epic masterpiece I have, and quite possibly ever will read. (Granted, I am not that far into my reading "career" and who knows? I just might find the next book I read to vbe the best work of literature that I'll ever read.) I will go back to writing. It might take a little while to get over this absolute awe of Hugo, and my feeling of inadequacy compared to his brilliance.
I can't even write a summery of this book, or begin to explain a bit of the storyline. Les Miserables is so in-depth, complex and ENORMOUS!!! All I can say is that you really must read this book, even if it takes you twenty years to finish it, reading just a bit at time. (You'd probably get a ton more out of it, if you did that. :) I plan to read Les Miserables again. Probably not immediately, or even again this year, but someday. I msut forewarn you, however. It is 1,260 pages long. SO be sure that you have the time before starting it. :)

               And Just one more important note: I don't recommend this book for young readers. My reasons are thus: Firstly, 1,260 pages long, and yonger people will probably become discouraged during the descriptions, and it is hightly probable they might never finish this great work, because of their discoruagement. Secondly: There are a few parts in teh storyline young readers might not fully understand, (although I must admit here there were parts my brain ran in circles trying to comprehend everything.) and this might lead to some problems. And Thirdly, (and perhaps I should have meantioned this first.), I am convinced it might add greatly to their unhappiness, (Sorry, I couldn't help writing it like that. :) as the story is SO sad and heartbreaking, I feel that younger readers might become depressed and confused. All this to say; of course it is up to the discretion of the younger reader and their parents/mentors/etc. I rest my case. :)

* * * * * * * * * * * {11 out of 10 stars}

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

{fluff} on the breeze

Today I ventured out into the sunshine, in a futile attempt to avoid Algebra, and was intrigued by these little dandelion puffballs. I don't know why they are so mesmerizing, and so downright fun, but I've always loved blowing them away, and watching as the little puffs float on the breeze. These are my attempt to capture it on camera. I failed to capture this properly, as you can see from the blurry shots and camera shake, but it was great fun. It is rather hard to hold a DSLR in one hand, a dandelion fluff in the other, and attempt to take a picture {or twelve} whilst blowing the fluff off, and hold everything perfectly still at the same time so that everything is in focus. Seriously, go try it! You might find yourself highly entertained for a half an hour or two. :) 

However, I didn't successfully avoid Algebra . :)  It was patiently awaiting me when I walked back through the door.