Wednesday, November 13, 2013

{fluff} on the breeze

Today I ventured out into the sunshine, in a futile attempt to avoid Algebra, and was intrigued by these little dandelion puffballs. I don't know why they are so mesmerizing, and so downright fun, but I've always loved blowing them away, and watching as the little puffs float on the breeze. These are my attempt to capture it on camera. I failed to capture this properly, as you can see from the blurry shots and camera shake, but it was great fun. It is rather hard to hold a DSLR in one hand, a dandelion fluff in the other, and attempt to take a picture {or twelve} whilst blowing the fluff off, and hold everything perfectly still at the same time so that everything is in focus. Seriously, go try it! You might find yourself highly entertained for a half an hour or two. :) 

However, I didn't successfully avoid Algebra . :)  It was patiently awaiting me when I walked back through the door. 


  1. Gorgeous--love the lighting. Especially the action shots. I actually think the blurry ones have a cool effect. :)

    1. Oh, well thank you! :) I considered getting on of my little siblings to do the blowing for me... everyone was busy at the time, but maybe I'll try that next time. :) I am rather fond of these. :) :)

  2. oh these shots are lovely, Becca. :) simply gorgeous!

    by the way, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, the other day! it was so lovely to get your comment. <3


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