Thursday, November 28, 2013


Thankful for: family, friends, blue skies and cheery fires, white chocolate lattes, baby giggles,    best-friends who don't mind if I bother them again for the forth or fifth time in a day, dogs that are always happy to see you, books that make me cry and amazing literature, toddler kisses and cute things kids say,  adorable movies that end perfectly, scenes in my book that almost write themselves, bread and butter, mashed potatoes, photos that turn out just right, people who love me, sweaters and scarfs, rainstorms that leave the world fresh and sparkling, snowflakes that dance across a frozen sky, bright stars that twinkle in the heavens, words that inspire, quiet, Jesus, freedom to think and believe and not be persecuted for it,  making memories.
          There is so much to be thankful for. My parents have been talking a lot about third-world countries and orphans this year, and it makes  me sad to think about all of the suffering and need, and it also makes me so thankful for what I have, and the people I have.

        (We're actually not celebrating our Thanksgiving until Saturday, because most of my family is sick, but I thought it was most appropriate to post this today. :) I have two pumpkin pies cooling on the counter though, in preparation for Saturday, and may I just say, "You had better be very thankful for your pumpkin pie today, with whip cream, because I am DYING for a slice." ;)

          Have a lovely Thanksgiving; enjoy your family, friends and food (and pie!), and tell me a few things you're thankful for this year! 

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  1. This is cute :) I am very thankful to be your friend--and seriously I love it when you "bother" me!


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