Monday, September 30, 2013

the river

This is the reason I love the Columbia Gorge.  I love the beauty and stunning landscapes, the river, the sunshine. The mountains near us, (not pictured,) the warmth, but also the cold in winter. I love this area so much.  These were taken on a hike/walk I did with some friends and a few of my little siblings. And I was reminded again why I am so attached to this place. 
 Also. The moon was SO huge and pretty about two weeks ago, and I attempted to take pictures for the first time. I will definitely be trying to capture the moon again in the future. These didn’t turn out super amazing, but it was a fun first attempt. J

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

many happy returns of the day

This is Hannah Elise, one of the coolest people on earth, and who also to be one of my favoritest people ever. 
           She is so creative, interesting, funny (you should see our chat historys... our mom's are constantly asking what made us laugh when we are chatting. :), and she is so talented and gorgeous. You should hear her sing, (it's amazing!), play piano, and also read little snippets of her book. (which is also going to be amazing. You can read little bits of it on her blog, walking in the air.) 
          Hannah and I both suffer from STMLS, (short-term-memory-loss-syndrome.)  and guys, it gets even worse when we're together. Hannah is an avid reader, talks fluently in movie quotes,  and is a fellow BBC period drama lover. 
        So, all this is said to  accomplish two things: firstly, to embarrass her just a little bit. ;) and secondly, today is her birthday.
  Happy birthday, Hannah. I hope your day is wonderful, and your new year even better.  You are amazing!!!!

(Head over to her blog, and wish her many happy returns of the day, okay? ;) 


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lorna Doone // Book Review

 Lorna Doone, by R.D. Blackmore
          I had heard glowing reports of this story from a good friend who had watched the movie and informed me that I really needed to watch it. :) While I haven’t yet seen the movie, my mother picked this book up at the library book sale recently, thinking that it looked interesting, and I was excited to finally read it. 
         The story was interesting and extremely sad, and the words drew me in, once I had gotten past the first chapter. I don’t know why exactly, but the first chapter bored me a bit, but into the second chapter I grew extremely interested. There were several places that I felt like I was reading poetry. Not that the words rhymed, but the rhythm of the words was perfect, the pattern they made on my tongue and brain was lovely, and they made reading an excellent story even better.

          Lorna Doone is the story of a young man who was robbed of his father at a young age by the notorious outlaw Doones’, and grows up on a small farm, while the entire neighborhood lives in terror of the Doones’, hardly daring to stir about after dark, for fear that they will end up a stiff corpse.
          Like most boys, John Ridd was curious, and occasionally discarded his brain in pursuit of entertainment and adventure. On one of those “brainless” occasions, he found himself in Glen Doone, and face to face with an angel; Lorna Doone, affectionately dubbed “queen,” by the ruthless outlaws. 
          Although he was fourteen, and she but eight, the incident remained in the back of his mind; and seven years later he returned to Glen Doone, (although it was a foolhardy thing to do, considering that there were over forty male Doones’ ready to murder anyone who entered.) and met the beautiful Lorna again. She tells him her sad story, such as she knows it. As the book unfolds its secrets, we discover that Lorna knew only a tiny fraction of her own story,), and John realizes that he is falling in love with the lovely, trapped girl. He returns to meet with her many times, despite the great danger, and Lorna finds that she has fallen completely in love with John in return.
          John must figure out how to save his “princess,” from the “tower,” and he is obligated to also solve the forty year problem of the Doones’, even traveling to London several times and meeting with the King.
          But then Lorna’s identity is discovered.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, despite the difficult beginning, (and who knows, I could be the only one who struggled with the beginning.), and a few plot “holes.” Blackmore did an excellent job with the story for the most part, but there were several places that I was confused and unsure of important details. They were eventually explained slightly, but I felt that it would have made much more sense to put those details in different places than they were (and also in greater detail,), making it more understandable for the reader. But other than those, and occasional missing punctuation marks (which always bothers me in books. J, Lorna Doone was excellent, and I highly suggest adding it to your reading lists!

 (eight out of ten stars.)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Chasing Jupiter // Book Review

Chasing Jupiter
Chasing Jupiter
By Rachel Coker
I was super excited to have the opportunity to read Chasing Jupiter. I stumbled across Miss Coker’s blog about a year ago, (unfortunately, I don’t remember how I found it,) but it quickly became a favorite blog. I have to be honest; I love almost anything that has to do with writing and authors. I love knowing there are other teen girls out there who also love to write. And Miss Coker’s blog is a fun read and helpful as well.
         So I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to read her books. A friend loaned them to me and I… well, I devoured them both in two days…  (Hey, I was in bed with PMS cramps. That gives me a little excuse doesn't it?!) I do read really fast, so I burn through books. But anyhow… 
          I must say first that Ms. Coker’s book was engaging and original. Her characters draw the reader in, and her storyline was interesting and well thought out. 
           Scarlett was a typical sixteen-year-old girl, but she was basically raising her little brother, Cliff, because the rest of the family was too busy for the misunderstood little boy, and Grandpop Barley, because nobody had time for him either. She’s a girl who acts like a tomboy, and bakes peach pies… And then one day, she promises to help Cliff build a rocket to go to Jupiter. And that day changed her life, not to mention her summer, forever…
          Maybe it sounds a little lame when I try to describe an entire story in only one paragraph. 
          Every story has to start somewhere. Mine starts with a list written on a sheet of yellow construction paper, folded neatly into fourths, and pushed under my bedroom door so that I brushed it with my foot when I got up that morning.”
          I love her first {two} sentences. But especially the first sentence. I’m actually thinking of making some sort of wall hanging for my wall out of that sentence, because it’s true( I already have it written on a sticky note attached to my computer). Every single story starts somewhere, with something, big or small; everything has a beginning.  
          Chasing Jupiter was emotional. There were times I smiled and giggled, (looking like an idiot to anybody watching.J) and there were times that a frog climbed down inside my throat and I wanted to cry. (But if you were to know me really well, you’d know that that doesn't happen. Ever. Period. :) She had a good balance of emotions. The whole story was really sad, but the lighter moments made it a really good balance of the two.
          The characters were different from your standard perfect characters that it seems everyone wants to create. From little boys obsessed with rockets and Spanish to elderly grandfathers fixated on peanut-butter, to the neighbor woman who’s totally into the cha-cha, to hippy older sisters. Each is so different and incredible interesting in their own way.
         Ms. Coker’s book was delightful and I highly suggest you add Chasing Jupiter to your “to read” list. :)

* * * * * * * 
(seven out of ten stars)


Monday, September 9, 2013

hello there

I am... shy at first, but once you get to know me well, you'll realize that I really love people.

I keep... some memories stored forever, like special secrets.

I wish I could... be less awkward and more outgoing and "people friendly."

I love... the little things, like looking at the stars and moon, the smell after it rains, baby giggles and scribbling late at night

i dance... occasionally, and always wish I could dance more often, and with much greater skill.

I sing... basically all the time, everywhere and at all different volumes. :)

I really... miss people; I get really lonely and sometimes all I want is my brother.
I need... to make school a huge priority and push myself beyond where I think I can go.

I should... find something really cool that I love on Pinterest, and make it. :)

I can... express myself through writing so much better than actually opening my mouth and speaking.

I like... baking treats and then watching people enjoy them.

I always... embarrass myself by remembering awkward things I said/did over the last few years, and thinking about what I should have said instead.
~ ~
I found this 'Hello There tag' on pinterest the other day, and thought it looked like an interesting writing prompt. So last night, in a moment or twelve of writers block, (but wanting to write) I pulled it out and filled it in. It was kinda like a journal entry, and lately I have found that things not actually written for blogging purposes, make the best blog posts, because they are the most meaningful. You're not writing for a particular person, or people, but just for yourself. Anyhow. :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

close them again


The thing about closing your eyes whilst playing music to enjoy it more, and concentrate on just the music, (both actually playing an instrument and just listening to a CD,) is that you eventually have to open them again. You can't stay lost in the world of harmony and melodies forever. You have to open your eyes again and go back to living and thinking and making decisions, you have to join the rushing human world, with the stress and busyness. 
          But the thing about opening your eyes, is that you can always close them again.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Take a picture with your flowergirl wearing your wedding shoes and give to her on her wedding day!


Sarcastic Charm


Now that I know the trick....

just some random things that amused me while I browsed pinterest. :) because i'm weird.

anway. love you guys, and I have several posts lined up for this next week, k? :)