Tuesday, September 24, 2013

many happy returns of the day

This is Hannah Elise, one of the coolest people on earth, and who also to be one of my favoritest people ever. 
           She is so creative, interesting, funny (you should see our chat historys... our mom's are constantly asking what made us laugh when we are chatting. :), and she is so talented and gorgeous. You should hear her sing, (it's amazing!), play piano, and also read little snippets of her book. (which is also going to be amazing. You can read little bits of it on her blog, walking in the air.) 
          Hannah and I both suffer from STMLS, (short-term-memory-loss-syndrome.)  and guys, it gets even worse when we're together. Hannah is an avid reader, talks fluently in movie quotes,  and is a fellow BBC period drama lover. 
        So, all this is said to  accomplish two things: firstly, to embarrass her just a little bit. ;) and secondly, today is her birthday.
  Happy birthday, Hannah. I hope your day is wonderful, and your new year even better.  You are amazing!!!!

(Head over to her blog, and wish her many happy returns of the day, okay? ;) 


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  1. Aw, thank you so much, Becca :) You're awesome and lovely and I'm so happy I know you so much better than I did a year ago!


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