Monday, September 30, 2013

the river

This is the reason I love the Columbia Gorge.  I love the beauty and stunning landscapes, the river, the sunshine. The mountains near us, (not pictured,) the warmth, but also the cold in winter. I love this area so much.  These were taken on a hike/walk I did with some friends and a few of my little siblings. And I was reminded again why I am so attached to this place. 
 Also. The moon was SO huge and pretty about two weeks ago, and I attempted to take pictures for the first time. I will definitely be trying to capture the moon again in the future. These didn’t turn out super amazing, but it was a fun first attempt. J


  1. Those pictures are gorgeous, Becca!! I love the first and the last one of the moon is stunning!

  2. I love those pictures :) And the moon is bootifuliss . . . which isn't a word. Can I have it? :)

    1. okay. You can have it, if I can use it? ;)

    2. Whoops . . . I actually meant the picture of the moon ;) That's a typical Hannah problem--messing up her sentences! Yikes.


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