Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mary Liz // dressing up and looking a little too old

 I am a huge Shirley Temple fan, so I had her do the classic "oh my goodness" pose from all the movies. She doesn't like this photo, but i think it is darling. :)

Mary Liz (aka Liz) sweetly agreed to pose for portraits last week, and we had so much fun. She is pretty good at posing herself so I could focus on making my camera do what I wanted, and she was running around the property telling me to take a photo of her here and do one there. It was pretty cute actually.  :)
           I curled her hair and fixed it cute, and that was just a little mistake, because she looks too old in these photos. But it’s darling, so it’s okay. For a nine-year-old having your hair fixed isn’t most fun thing they can think of, so it is always a bit of a struggle to make her sit still long enough to fix it cute, but when we do it is so pretty. She is gorgeous. We even put on clip earrings and some lip color and blush, (Which made her feel extremely old, btw. :)
           Liz is just a little tomboyish, so climbing trees and playing legos with her brothers  are pretty high ‘fun’ things on her list. But she can dress up and have a mean tea party too. And play dolls. and sew things. and play piano. And read books. She’s kinda like me where she enjoys doing a lot of  ‘boyish’ things but then can turn around a moment later and be a total girly-girl (Although I think that I was way more of a tom-boy when I was little.)

She’s cute, yes?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

design contest entry

I am entering the design contest going on over at Designed to Inspire.  Italy is one of the (many) places I would like to visit most. :)

103 in 2013 // #98. read emma

     Last week I  finally completed something off my 103 in 2013 list. I have to admit that I am not amazing at completing things off  lists like that… :)  But I have completed two things on my list (#69. Host a cookie exchange) and now I have finally completed 98. Read Emma. This book is so cute and sweet and I love it, and I love her. The end...    
      Emma is my very favorite Jane Austin heroine. I don't really know why exactly, but  just think that she is so sweet and lovely. Plus she gets Mr. Knightley. :)
      I have watched many different versions of Emma, but my very favorite is the 2009 version, (it was my favorite even before I read the book,) and as I read I was so glad that they followed the book almost exactly.  Having watched the movie, I had Romola Garai in mind, and how she looked for the movie. She is the way I will always picture Emma. And I especially love the dresses in that version. They are so sweet and beautiful, and all throughout the book I was imagining Emma in those dresses. And Mr. Knightley. Need I say more? I love him so much. He is the perfect gentleman and I have loved his character in every version I watched because it's Mr.  Knightley. :)  

Anyway, have you read Emma (or watched any of the movies?) and what are your opinions on them both? :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

water droplets // the fog melted

The water drops on the fence were so pretty. I spent forever this morning photographing the fence. :) I love the sun flare in this one.^

 There is something amazing about seeing animal prints in the snow. It’s kinda cool to think that “they were here not too long ago.”

 The ice was melted off half this tree, but the other half was still ‘unmelted.’ It doesn't really show up well in the photo, but I thought it was interesting; and our entire forest was that way, half the tree was melted off, and the other half still covered.

        The sun was out this morning, melting the beautiful frozen fog that has covered our landscape and trees for the past week. I suppose that I might feel a little sad in a day or two, but today I am so happy. It was warm(ish) today, and the world was covered with millions of tiny water droplets. And it was beautiful.
        I wish that you could have heard the amazing sound of water dropping to the ground from tree branches, (it’s kind of like the sound of rain, but different too. It’s not the gentle sound of rain fall, but a loud , steady, dripping, like the dripping of a leaky faucet, and so refreshing.), and the sounds the birds were making, happy to have sunshine to play in. It’s perfectly lovely. The whole world seemed so glad to be emerging from its layer of ice, to feel the sunshine and see blue skies. It was 46 degrees, but belt more like 55. :) (on a side note, isn't it funny how we complain about how cold it is when it’s 46 degrees in June, but are thrilled that it warmed up to the same in January?)
Hello, squeaky clean world, I'm Becca, I’m sixteen and I’m thrilled to be alive.