Monday, January 21, 2013

they made funny faces

 This is such a typical expression for Julia. I manage to get this photo all the time from her, and we think it's too adorable.

Mom occasionally asks me to help the kiddos with school, while she runs errands. Sometimes it’s a chore, and other times I find it so fun, and entertaining. Some days they are photogenic, other days they run the other direction when I pull out my camera. One day last week was one of those fun times. I realized how cute my siblings are, and what fun they have. That day they goofed off and made funny faces in in the camera together. They made school time fun, and it was lovely. 
     I don't always appreciate how amazing/cute/wonderful/adorable my little sibling really are. It's mostly when I capture  photos like these ^  that I take the time to notice how much I  love them all. Sometimes, life takes over and I don't slow down. But when I do it always hits me right between the eyes: They's all so cute!! :) 

Presh, yes?

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