Monday, January 14, 2013

we done went sledding and froze ourselves

 I have this obsession with trees. No really, I’m serious. J You should hear me on a trip basically anywhere; I’ll just randomly yell “look at that tree. It’s so pretty. I need that tree…” And my family probably just rolls their eyes and thinks “How did we end up with such a weird one?!”  Anyhow, my brother found this tree about 15 minutes from our house and told me about it, and basically, we both fell in love with it over time, but we never stopped to take it’s picture. So,a couple Sunday's ago, my family sweetly drove out there after church to let me take a photo of it. They didn’t turn out as well as I hoped, but now that we actually stopped once, we’ll do it again, and it will be better next time. J

 It’s a cool tree, yes? :)  

 And after taking a whole ton of photos of the tree, I turned around and found this adorable farm across the meadow and covered with a lovely layer of snow.  I think that it would be amazing to find a cute farm somewhere, kinda like this one, and just take photos of it, from all kinds of angles, far away, like this shot, and up close of all the buildings and people. It would be so interesting, especially if the farm had been in the family for like a gazillion years and I could hear all the interesting stories about their great grandmothers and aunties. Yes, that would be amazing.

The snow is gone for a little while, and I am sorta sad, and sorta happy. I can drive now, (my parents won’t let me drive in the snow and ice. This is probably a really good idea. :) But I do think that snow is pretty. It just last too long. It would be really great for a few weeks, but then I am tired of looking at it and I want the sunshine and green back. J

Last Sunday, mom and dad took all the kids sledding on a {relatively} steep road. Technically, I went too, but I spent most of the time taking pictures and whining about the cold. I really don’t think that people should venture outside when it is below 30 degrees. Especially when they have a warm house to be in. To go out is madness, and ridiculous. J We have three pairs of skis (Which by the way, is the one thing that I will venture out in the snow to do. I love to ski) and they fit 6 of the kiddos. J  That is the wonderful thing about huge family’s. There are multiple kids of the same size, so you get way more use out of things. Daniel spent most of his time on skis.

 Julia did a wonderful job skiing. She hasn't had much practice {having never been up on the slopes.) so this was her first time ever skiing on a realish hill. :)

     James was slightly confused by all the yelling people flying past him on brightly colored objects. lol

Prettiness, yes?

Luke was so cute, and having so much fun. He didn't complain about the long climb to the top either, and enjoyed himself thoroughly. 

Mary Liz, in her adorable pink snowpants.  

And this is me. Sitting in the van, attempting to stay warm, and wishing I was at home. J No seriously, it wasn’t that bad. Just 33 degrees. But the kids had so much fun, and I got some cute photos, so I guess it was worth it anyway.

James thought this was the funnest thing ever. Steering wheels are meant for babies to play with. :)

Do you have snow? What's your favorite snow sport?



  1. Love that picture of you in the side mirror captioned with, "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear." Over here all the snow went bye-bye too. I don't really like snow sports that much, though sledding might be OK. I haven't tried it in a long time though, so I don't know how I'd feel about it :)

  2. I'd like to go sledding this winter! And yes. The tree. I like it =)

  3. We never get snow in Texas but have twice this year!! We even had a white Christmas! Looks like you had fun!


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