Sunday, January 20, 2013

the day I went out in the cold to catch the sunrise

^^ these two were in the sunset two days ago. The frozen fog had finally melted off for the day, and the pine-trees 
were covered in water-drops  so I found a place that I could backdrop the pine-needle/Water-drops, with some brilliant colors, and I fell in love with the results.

 My world has been covered in a layer of glistening lovely white stuff for days, and I think it’s beautiful! It’s called frozen fog, which basically is super wet fog that settled in the area and then the temperatures plummeted to earth and all the fog froze onto everything in sight. It happens every winter here, and is so pretty. :) Mama came in to my room a couple days ago, at 7:30 am, and announced“There’s a beautiful sunrise and I think you should go take pictures of it.” I grumbled a little, but did throw a coat over my pajamas and go out for a few shots. I ended up walking all the way back to the very back of our property to get these photos, so that there weren't too many trees in the way. I loved the shots that I captured. It almost makes me wish that I got up to see the sunrise every day. Almost! :)
     I love the way the frost turns an ordinarily"black and white" day into a beautiful gorgeous landscape that I can't stop looking at.  Frozen fog makes winter beautiful, especially when we don't have snow, and everything would otherwise be brown and muddy. It gives inspiration to ordinary days. That's probably the main reason why I like it. On days that I just can't think of something to do, to write, to photograph, the frozen fog is lovely and inspiring. 

     Anyway, I'll stop rambling about ice. :) Sometimes, I ramble on and on about nothing during a post, and I'm afraid to go back and read it and realize that it didn't  make any sense. :) I'm afraid that that is what this post is, but that's okay, rambling is what i do.

     Tell me about your weekend, yes?


  1. Your pictures are absolutly amazing ! I seriously love it ! It makes me wish we had frozen fog where I love because I could train myself and get better results with my camera...
    Have a blessed day,
    Marie, a reader from France


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