Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thomas and Sarah {engaged}

i told them to look cute. and this is what i got. definitely not being that vague again!!! :)
'dey is so cuuuute!!!

she wanted a picture of him kissing her hand... but decided it was a bad idea after we got this picture.

My brother got engaged almost three weeks ago, and I did their engagement photos for them. The locations were great, but the lighting was definitely a challenge! I was pretty stressed the whole time, but it was great practise.They are getting married in December, so it's only a little over 4 months away!!  (scary!! he's only gonna be a bachelor for another 4 months. :)

Anybody else wanna volenteer to be a model for me?! :) (haha)


Thursday, July 18, 2013

outfit post // floral dress

i recently accidentally signed up to do a fashion guestpost. :) I thought I was signing up to receive email notifications from a blog, and then the author emailed me, ready to schedule my post. and she wanted an outfit for a special event, like a wedding or something. and i was {and still am} way from home at the time, so my wardrobe was quite limited, but i did bring this dress with me, so I threw it one one sunny afternoon, took some really awkward run-back-and-forth-from-the-camera-to-posing-spot-tons-of-times-and-hope-the-neighbors-aren't-watching photos. They aren't amazing, but there you go. :)

Dress: Made by me
Shoes: Walmart
Make-up: Cowgirl Dirt

what do you always order at a coffee-shop, lovlie? 

pea. ess. i get either a white mocha or toffee latte/fappuccino, generally, unless I am daring and order something new. :)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

sunsets and airplanes

i. we went to a nearby park the other evening, and the lighting was {extremely bright} and beautiful. and you it was a viewpoint {sort of} overlooking like five or six different cities. it was beautiful. and at one point, i saw seven different airplanes in the air all at once. it was pretty awesome. 
ii. the sky was pretty. and i really like skies. like, the blue, and the different clouds. my favorites are the puffy white ones that ramble their way across the sky on a  warm summer afternoon, and the dark gray ones that threaten rain and look and smell like a storm. i am a fan of storms.
iii. those two bottom photos look like film to me. i've been inspired by the old film photos lately, amd was ecstatic to have capture several photographs that looked like i had done them with film. 
iiii. i've missed blogging. i should come back and post more often. :)

what is your favorite summertime activity?

Friday, July 5, 2013

golden-hour blossoms and city lights

 city lights pull me in, and make me insanely happy. I would be willing to live in the city {for a while} just to have the privlidge of seeing beautiful city lights every night.

 the stunning view from my Aunt and Uncle's home. i won't ever get tired of staring at it.

 the only firework photo i got last night. :) it was to much fun to just sit and watch them that I dumped my camera after taking this one. 
the neighbors across the way have a lovely flower garden in their front yard, and these photos are of the blossoms that have spilled over their fences, and are accessible from the street. i ran out at golden hour the other day and was perfectly content to capture the blossoms in that light. i don't get to shoot in golden hour nearly often enough.  it's so magical, and makes photos just that much better.  i did notice that i am not very creative when it comes to taking pictures of flowers. most of them are in the center of the photo, and pretty but extremely boring. any tips about how to make flower pictures more interesting?


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Edenbrooke- Book Review

 From the very first sentence this book pulled me in, drawing me into the lives of two beautifully flawed people. "It was the oak tree that distracted me." A very simple sentence, but right after reading those eight words, I settled down and prepared myself to read for hours, because i just knew Mrs. Donaldson was going to tell a marvelous story; and I wasn't disappointed at all. The story was captivating, a fun-read, and interesting, all pulling together to make a lovely story.
          This book was a little cliche, and by that I mean that the storyline isn't something that was "something I have never read before." I mean, one sister giving up the guy for the happiness of the other sister... one twin being amazing and getting all the attention, while the other get's overlooked and pushed into the background.... and other things like that, but Mrs. Donaldson wrote in such a way that it was quite forgivable. Even the fact that "they" fell in love in less than two weeks was somehow forgiven.
           Marianne was different from the heroins in the Jane Austen novels. Austin's heroins are perfect, or at they may have one huge fault, but they are perfect society girls {for the most part, don't quote me on that!}. Marianne was a girl who just wanted to run in the woods, live in a cottage in the country with animals, and twirl any time she wanted. She didn't do anything right. She couldn't even twirl without falling into a river or getting stuck in interesting places. {haha} She acted like a dork, couldn't flirt to save her life, and didn't want to go out in society.

          Philip was a mad flirt. And he was arrogant. and I love him. He was simply wonderful, even with his short-comings. I felt that he was perfect for Marianne {obviously} and even though he was difficult and angrifying. (it's a new word, peeps, means making the reader angry, basically, but in only one word.), and rude occasionally, although he was extremely sweet once you really got to know him, mysterious, gentle and  wonderful, and you know what? The whole book through I imagined him as Richard Armitage And I *cough cough* really love Richard. :) So I guess that made me absolutely love Philip. (in fact, Hannah, we should produce a movie of this book and cast Richard as Philip. Yes? :)

          This is the story of a girl who finds love even though she resisted in every step of the way. Of a girl who just wanted to live a simple life. Of a man who wanted to find a wife by himself. Of a girl willing to give up love and happiness for her sister. 

          Edenbrooke is definitely a book that I will read again many times, and one I highly recommend!

          The storyline did have several twists in it that I loved and were very creative. And it had me laughing like crazy constantly.

          Edenbrooke was delightful and wonderful and my rating {1-10) would be an 8. There was no swearing (that I remember), only very slight violence and a couple kisses. 

i disappeared but i done come back

so i disappeared. and i haven't done that in a while. and it was terribly naughty of me. but i did it anyway. :)

i am actually down in CA right now, helping my aunt and her family. she fell several weeks ago, while hiking and broke her elbow really bad, so i flew down to spend some time down here cooking and cleaning and helping to take care of her i'm gonna be down here until sometime in august. but i will be returning to regular blogging sometime soon. i am planning to write some book reviews, possibly today? and hopefully do some personal posts as well. but it's been pretty crazy busy, and i've been really exhausted, so blogging went on the back-burner for a while.

but you know what? i missed it. and that is a really good thing, because it means that i love it. :) and i love all ya'll.

so i shall {hopefully} be returning to regular posting sometime this week. :)


p.s. the sentences don't make a whole lot of sense, and i mostly just rambled on and on. but i am really tired right now, due to accidentally pulling an all-nighter the the night before last, (it wasn't for fun, it just happened. :) so i am super exhausted and have a sleep-derivation headache, and totally am not thinking straight right now. :) but i am drinking lots of liquid energy {also known to most people as COFFEE} and am hoping to wake up officially, sometime soon. :)