Wednesday, July 17, 2013

sunsets and airplanes

i. we went to a nearby park the other evening, and the lighting was {extremely bright} and beautiful. and you it was a viewpoint {sort of} overlooking like five or six different cities. it was beautiful. and at one point, i saw seven different airplanes in the air all at once. it was pretty awesome. 
ii. the sky was pretty. and i really like skies. like, the blue, and the different clouds. my favorites are the puffy white ones that ramble their way across the sky on a  warm summer afternoon, and the dark gray ones that threaten rain and look and smell like a storm. i am a fan of storms.
iii. those two bottom photos look like film to me. i've been inspired by the old film photos lately, amd was ecstatic to have capture several photographs that looked like i had done them with film. 
iiii. i've missed blogging. i should come back and post more often. :)

what is your favorite summertime activity?

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  1. The sunsets are lovely!

    The East Coast never fails to reward me with its torrential downpours--the first time I witnessed one was in Williamsburg; the second time almost a neverending shower in Florida; and the third was in Indiana outside a chapel building at a college campus. I love them, and they're one of the best things about summer if you get to go across the country :)


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