Friday, July 5, 2013

golden-hour blossoms and city lights

 city lights pull me in, and make me insanely happy. I would be willing to live in the city {for a while} just to have the privlidge of seeing beautiful city lights every night.

 the stunning view from my Aunt and Uncle's home. i won't ever get tired of staring at it.

 the only firework photo i got last night. :) it was to much fun to just sit and watch them that I dumped my camera after taking this one. 
the neighbors across the way have a lovely flower garden in their front yard, and these photos are of the blossoms that have spilled over their fences, and are accessible from the street. i ran out at golden hour the other day and was perfectly content to capture the blossoms in that light. i don't get to shoot in golden hour nearly often enough.  it's so magical, and makes photos just that much better.  i did notice that i am not very creative when it comes to taking pictures of flowers. most of them are in the center of the photo, and pretty but extremely boring. any tips about how to make flower pictures more interesting?



  1. It must have been so fun to sit out and watch the fireworks. In the San Francisco area, it must have been gorgeous. Someday I want to see the fireworks in a big city with a good viewpoint--you can't see the Goldendale show much from our house :)

    And I agree about the city lights. I love them and am attracted to them, too, for some reason.

  2. the city lights are beautiful! :)
    Great pictures

  3. I tagged/awarded you!


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