Monday, June 23, 2014

simple and maxi // the sea

My outfit for church yesterday was super simple, but I felt good in it, so that made it wonderful in my book. :) I got up pretty late, and had only 50 minutes to get get out the door. That meant, simple make-up, and a very simple hairstyle. :)
I would recommend getting a neutral colored maxi. They are so versatile and wonderful. I wear mine at least several times a week, and now that I discovered wearing it as a dress, I think I just might live in it. It's so comfortable. Like pajamas. And I'm a girl who loves pajamas. Just ask my mom... She finally had to make a rule that I have to get dressed by a certain time, because I would just wear pj's all day long and not even care. :)
Shirt: Kmart {12.99?}
Maxi skirt: Target {12.99} (Worn as a dress)
Black pumps (Not pictured): Payless {14.99}
Nail Polish: Pure Ice {and I'm to lazy to run upstairs and find out what it's called. It was pink. I think it was 3.99.} :)

I got to go the beach for FOUR days last week. Most of the days were fabulously beautiful, warmish and sunny, and perfect for just sitting in the sand watching the endless waves pulsing against the beach. I think I could sit watching the sea forever; It has a way of calming your spirit and making one feel extremely peaceful and ready to take on the world. I'll never get enough of the ocean. In fact, i get to go back in two months, and I'm terribly excited. :)
The nights on our trip weren't quite so fabulous, but they were memorable to say the least. The mosquitoes were dreadful, and it rained every night. The first night camping was the worst by far. They boys put up the tent for us girls, but forgot to attach the fly on top properly. We got pretty wet, but we definitely survived. :) And we personally fixed the tent that morning. :)

Oh. by the way, I have the very cutest baby brother. EVER!

how have you been? What'cha been reading lately?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

teal and waterdrops // outfit post

Skirt: homemade, {refashioned from a mini jean skirt.}
Shirt: Goodwill {5.99}
Tank: Khols {11.99}
Necklace and Earring: Etsy
Hairstyle: Flipped ponytail, bangs rope braided to the side.
headband: necklace made by me. {$0}
Shoes: nude pumps. (not pictured, and I'm not actually wearing them, but they're what I would wear with this outfit if I was going out 
today. :) {4.99}

I ran outside today to snap some shots of my outfit, not expecting to take any other photos. but there were water droplets on EVERYTHING, because it had been sprinkling all morning. There is something quite addictive about water drops, and I can't help documenting them. the above photo made me extremely happy. sometimes being a photographer (even just an ameture) is so rewarding, and I am reminded why I chose to take up that hobby in the first time. Flipping a camera into manual and working on getting just the right settings to capture beauty and light, working with angles and focus, and then finally getting a perfect shot is intoxicating; I walk around on clouds for hours. :)

I've had two delicious cups of coffee this morning, taken a beautiful picture {or two}, gotten several things done that have been on my to do list for days, and I fixed my hair prettier than just a normal ponytail. I'm going on vacation to the beach tomorrow for FOUR WHOLE DAYS, I get to see some wonderful friends, the laundry's almost done, and I'm halfway through the Moonstone. {Wilki Collins. Go read it peeps, it's wonderful!!} I'm quite happy today!

You know, it's strange, but Thursdays are usually my least favorite day of the week. Monday's are a close second, but Thursdays are normally boring, it's still not almost the weekend, and I just feel like the week is dragging on and on forever when it finally comes to Thursday... today is good though. I have to pack for the trip, and I have my book to look forward to. It's going to be a lovely day.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

a strange collection of perfectly useless random information // stuff you didn't need to know but here it is anyway

To Do (or not to do... as time allows.)
1. Get all the laundry done- including folding, hanging up and putting away. :)
2. 2 Algebra lessons - Oh joy!! 
3. 20 Pages of War and Peace- actually looking forward to that. :)
4. Clean upstairs bathroom

5. Bathe Jessa - my puppy.
6. Sweep Laundry room
7. Work w/jess
8. clean my room -yah, it's a mess.
9.  organize make-up and jewelry
10. Read 20 pages of American Women and WW2 -it's good, and super interesting, following the roles women had during the war, from nurse, to pilot to housewife. but it is EXTENSIVE!!

Drinking: strong black coffee with a touch of goatmilk. (because i'm out of cream. ;)
Wishing: i graduated this year, instead of next year. 
Excited: about all the trips I'm taking in the next two months, the books mom's picking up from the library from me, (I've been waiting for them to come in!), I"M ALMOST DONE WITH THE LAUNDRY FOR THE DAY, (oh the little things!) 
Needing: chocolate, ibuprofen for my hand... 
Dreaming: of Paris, and South Korea, (thanks Sarah and Kaytch. ;)
Laughing: this, this, and this
Writing: snippets of ideas rumbling around in my head
Wearing: black maxi skirt, turquoise peplum top, purple eyeshadow, 
Loving: the gorgeous red formal gown I bought two weeks ago, for $20.
Trying: to get rid of the headache and shakes I inflicted upon myself by drinking coffee without eating any protine. 
Considering: going outside and letting the laundry wait.
Missing: my big brothers, Hannah, Rachel S. Mt. Adams, Goldendale, Princess, 
Wanting: To watch You've got Mail, and Princess diaries 2. :)
-idea stolen  borrowed from Olivia. ;) 

My day started at 8:27 am, with mom yelling my name up the stairs. i attempted to pry my eyes open and remain upright as I stumbled out of bed and down to the kitchen. (okay, so I slept in again this morning. don't judge me. I can feel you down there judging me. ;) mom was running out the door to an appointment, and i was IN CHARGE. and after a few cups of coffee and a round of make up later, I was ready to face the task of helping a 5-year-old, 7-year-old, and 8 1/2-year-old with math and chores. I actually applied my make up while seated at the kitchen table, answering various math questions ("four plus one is six, right?) and calling out "quiet everyone!" every three seconds. One little asked sweetly, "Why do you wear make up." I had to laugh, and retorted, "Do you want me to stumble around looking dead all the time?" Without batting an eyelid he responded, "but you don't look dead, you look nice without it." I just love little kids. (like the brother who recently thought it would be great fun to guess my weight, and announced "Do you weigh 101 pounds?" All I could say was "YOU ARE SO SWEET!" :)
how was your weekend. How about telling me some of the random information about your life today. ;)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Daddy-Long-Legs // Book Review

 Young Judy Abbot has been saved from life at the orphanage by a generous- and anonymous- guardian. He will pay for her education if she promises to writ him every month. Judy writes the most exuberant and lively letters, packed with laughs and tales of college life and friendships. Judy's having so much fun she can scarcely stop writing.

My first experience with Daddy-Long-Legs  was the Fred Astaire movie nearly a year ago. It was simply adorable and I was quite excited to add the book to my reading list shortly afterwards, when I discovered the movie was actually based on a boo.
     I sat down one Saturday afternoon recently, and read Daddy-Long-Legs in one sitting. It was a delightful book. It was different from anything I've ever read before, the format being letters from Judy's perspective and never changing perspective. judy was sweet, impulsive, in love with life and quite carefree. She proved that she wasn't perfect but she also proved herself loveable, caring and gentle.
     The ending is wonderful. I don't want to spoil it, but it makes me so happy and I still smile every time I think about it. :)
     To be honest, Daddy-Long-Legs isn't brilliant- the letters are a little choppy, but all things considered it was a wonderful book and has my hearty recommendation. Judy will simply capture your heart.

* * * * {four of five}