Thursday, June 12, 2014

teal and waterdrops // outfit post

Skirt: homemade, {refashioned from a mini jean skirt.}
Shirt: Goodwill {5.99}
Tank: Khols {11.99}
Necklace and Earring: Etsy
Hairstyle: Flipped ponytail, bangs rope braided to the side.
headband: necklace made by me. {$0}
Shoes: nude pumps. (not pictured, and I'm not actually wearing them, but they're what I would wear with this outfit if I was going out 
today. :) {4.99}

I ran outside today to snap some shots of my outfit, not expecting to take any other photos. but there were water droplets on EVERYTHING, because it had been sprinkling all morning. There is something quite addictive about water drops, and I can't help documenting them. the above photo made me extremely happy. sometimes being a photographer (even just an ameture) is so rewarding, and I am reminded why I chose to take up that hobby in the first time. Flipping a camera into manual and working on getting just the right settings to capture beauty and light, working with angles and focus, and then finally getting a perfect shot is intoxicating; I walk around on clouds for hours. :)

I've had two delicious cups of coffee this morning, taken a beautiful picture {or two}, gotten several things done that have been on my to do list for days, and I fixed my hair prettier than just a normal ponytail. I'm going on vacation to the beach tomorrow for FOUR WHOLE DAYS, I get to see some wonderful friends, the laundry's almost done, and I'm halfway through the Moonstone. {Wilki Collins. Go read it peeps, it's wonderful!!} I'm quite happy today!

You know, it's strange, but Thursdays are usually my least favorite day of the week. Monday's are a close second, but Thursdays are normally boring, it's still not almost the weekend, and I just feel like the week is dragging on and on forever when it finally comes to Thursday... today is good though. I have to pack for the trip, and I have my book to look forward to. It's going to be a lovely day.


  1. I really like your skirt! Great idea making a mini-skirt into a long modest one! :D
    I love your head-band! Very pretty!
    Ahh, I love raindrops on roses, and leaves! It's so fun to get great pics of them! ^_^ Great job! :D
    Have fun at the beach!


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