Monday, June 9, 2014

Daddy-Long-Legs // Book Review

 Young Judy Abbot has been saved from life at the orphanage by a generous- and anonymous- guardian. He will pay for her education if she promises to writ him every month. Judy writes the most exuberant and lively letters, packed with laughs and tales of college life and friendships. Judy's having so much fun she can scarcely stop writing.

My first experience with Daddy-Long-Legs  was the Fred Astaire movie nearly a year ago. It was simply adorable and I was quite excited to add the book to my reading list shortly afterwards, when I discovered the movie was actually based on a boo.
     I sat down one Saturday afternoon recently, and read Daddy-Long-Legs in one sitting. It was a delightful book. It was different from anything I've ever read before, the format being letters from Judy's perspective and never changing perspective. judy was sweet, impulsive, in love with life and quite carefree. She proved that she wasn't perfect but she also proved herself loveable, caring and gentle.
     The ending is wonderful. I don't want to spoil it, but it makes me so happy and I still smile every time I think about it. :)
     To be honest, Daddy-Long-Legs isn't brilliant- the letters are a little choppy, but all things considered it was a wonderful book and has my hearty recommendation. Judy will simply capture your heart.

* * * * {four of five}


  1. I loved that book, and thought it was so clever. :)
    Over all I thoroughly enjoyed it, though I got a bit bored or confused with it at times. It was great, though.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Never read the book or seen the film, though I've heard great things about the former - and it's considered a "classic" by many.

    1. it was rather fun. It is great for sometime when you're looking for what I call a"breezy" book (for times when you're stressed or just exhausted,). :) The film was entertaining as well. I love Fred Astaire, and he made it much better than it would have been with anyone else playing his role. ;)

  3. I just finished this book, and I agree, it was adorable! And a really fast, fun read. Until a couple years ago, I didn't even know the book existed, I'd just heard of the movie. I'm so glad I've gotten a chance to read it!

    (Found your review via the Classics Club cuz I love to check out reviews of books I've just finished.)


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