Tuesday, June 10, 2014

a strange collection of perfectly useless random information // stuff you didn't need to know but here it is anyway

To Do (or not to do... as time allows.)
1. Get all the laundry done- including folding, hanging up and putting away. :)
2. 2 Algebra lessons - Oh joy!! 
3. 20 Pages of War and Peace- actually looking forward to that. :)
4. Clean upstairs bathroom

5. Bathe Jessa - my puppy.
6. Sweep Laundry room
7. Work w/jess
8. clean my room -yah, it's a mess.
9.  organize make-up and jewelry
10. Read 20 pages of American Women and WW2 -it's good, and super interesting, following the roles women had during the war, from nurse, to pilot to housewife. but it is EXTENSIVE!!

Drinking: strong black coffee with a touch of goatmilk. (because i'm out of cream. ;)
Wishing: i graduated this year, instead of next year. 
Excited: about all the trips I'm taking in the next two months, the books mom's picking up from the library from me, (I've been waiting for them to come in!), I"M ALMOST DONE WITH THE LAUNDRY FOR THE DAY, (oh the little things!) 
Needing: chocolate, ibuprofen for my hand... 
Dreaming: of Paris, and South Korea, (thanks Sarah and Kaytch. ;)
Laughing: this, this, and this
Writing: snippets of ideas rumbling around in my head
Wearing: black maxi skirt, turquoise peplum top, purple eyeshadow, 
Loving: the gorgeous red formal gown I bought two weeks ago, for $20.
Trying: to get rid of the headache and shakes I inflicted upon myself by drinking coffee without eating any protine. 
Considering: going outside and letting the laundry wait.
Missing: my big brothers, Hannah, Rachel S. Mt. Adams, Goldendale, Princess, 
Wanting: To watch You've got Mail, and Princess diaries 2. :)
-idea stolen  borrowed from Olivia. ;) 

My day started at 8:27 am, with mom yelling my name up the stairs. i attempted to pry my eyes open and remain upright as I stumbled out of bed and down to the kitchen. (okay, so I slept in again this morning. don't judge me. I can feel you down there judging me. ;) mom was running out the door to an appointment, and i was IN CHARGE. and after a few cups of coffee and a round of make up later, I was ready to face the task of helping a 5-year-old, 7-year-old, and 8 1/2-year-old with math and chores. I actually applied my make up while seated at the kitchen table, answering various math questions ("four plus one is six, right?) and calling out "quiet everyone!" every three seconds. One little asked sweetly, "Why do you wear make up." I had to laugh, and retorted, "Do you want me to stumble around looking dead all the time?" Without batting an eyelid he responded, "but you don't look dead, you look nice without it." I just love little kids. (like the brother who recently thought it would be great fun to guess my weight, and announced "Do you weigh 101 pounds?" All I could say was "YOU ARE SO SWEET!" :)
how was your weekend. How about telling me some of the random information about your life today. ;)


  1. Yep, there is laundry to do here too; I have to wash the rugs later.
    We are cleaning up the house a bit before the god-kids come over later this week.
    Mum and I have been planning my birthday tea party at the end of summer.
    Taking care of this years baby goats (three so far).
    Working on my writing.
    Kinda wishing I was graduating this year too but all in good time, I suppose.
    Looking forward to summer. Ahhhh. :)
    Reading one of James Harriot's books.

    Thats about it for me.:)


    1. Ahhh, your life sounds very like mine at the present moment. ;) your birthday party sounds delightful. Teas are such fun!!

  2. Hahaha...I always love reading about your life :) I'm sorry about your hand, though.

    Love and miss you! Hope to see you soon :)

    dance a real

    1. love and miss you too!! Can't wait to see you in two weeks!! :)

  3. So, how long is War and Peace anyway? I've always wondered...
    Hmm, sounds like your mornings are fun! (a bit of sarcasm here. :)
    Can I do the "what I'm doing list" too? Thanks! :)

    Drinking: Nothing right now. But the last thing I drank was water. ;)
    Wishing: We had a swimming pool...
    Excited: About the Brigade Encampment at Fort Vancouver
    Needing: A nap
    Dreaming: About a hike around Multnomah Falls
    Laughing: At all three of the things you were/are! :D (love the horse one!)
    Writing: A bucket list, and my story I've been working on for the last year
    Wearing: Below the knee brown stretchy skirt, and a pink t-shirt with flower type designs
    Loving: Our new baby goats!
    Trying: To finish school
    Considering: If maybe it wasn't such a good idea to eat so much pudding... :P
    Missing: Dad (for a few days)
    Wanting: Ice Cream. :d

    I'd like to see you without makeup, I think you'd look fine! :)
    I don't think I'd ever be able to wear makeup. I would probably put too much on then look horrible. :P
    Thanks again for letting us come with ya'll to see the Clydesdales! :D
    Hopefully see you soon! :)

    1. yes, I love this comment. :)

      War and Peace is 1,400+ pages. It has it's wonderful moments, and then there are times when it's not wonderful at all. I just ran into a part in particular where a couple characters let their tempers run away with them and ended up doing some extremely stupid, and pointlessly wrong things. I was just sitting there like "COME ON YOU GUYS!"

      Ohh, your hike at multnomah sounds heavenly. I hiked it once about three years ago and it was so beautiful. We have some friends who released a beautiful CD last Christmas, and they did all the photography for the CD jacket up at the top of Multnomah Falls. (They wore these gorgeous floor length modest formal gowns, and I can just imagine all the funny looks they must have gotten as they hiked up. ;)

      I'm glad you guys were able to make it to the Clydesdales. It was lovely! (How is your dad's foot, btw?)

    2. Sounds like a fun book, I may check it out when I'm done with Martin Chuzzlewit. :D
      Yeah, it's always hard when characters do obviously wrong things. You'd think they'd know better! ;)
      I've never hiked the full 2 miles (or whatever, not sure how long it is exactly...) of Multnomah, but all three of us girls have been wanting to for a while! The farthest we've gone is the first bridge. :) Yeah, your friends probably got some funny looks, but it would probably be really fun going up for a photo shoot in pretty gowns! What do you think? :)
      It sure was fun seeing the gorgeous horses! :D
      Dad's foot is doing better, it still pains him if he is on it too much, but his bruises are mostly gone now. Thanks for asking! :)


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