Tuesday, May 20, 2014

pink and denim // outfit

Skirt: gift {$0}
Pink Tank: Walmart {$3.99}\
Chambray Shirt: Khols {$19.99}
Belt: Thrifted {$2.99}
Hair: Side braid, with bangs braided to the side as well. ;)

I'm not really sure if this outfit "works" or not... but I love this chambray shirt, and wear it basically all the time. :) The skirt has become a favorite as well, it's cute, and seems to go with a lot of my clothes, which is a huge plus. ;) {side note: smiling for camera's is so awkward. i may or may not have mentioned that before. but seriously, "i'm now smiling at a black box for no apparent reason." AWKWARD!} Also, my make up... I waited until just a few minuets ago to get my brother to take a picture for me, so my make-up has lasted all day and doesn't look that great. But I was determined to get this up without procrastinating any more. ;) I'm really good at procrastinating... 



  1. Oh! I like your outfit, the skirt is really cute! :D {and so is the "jacket"}
    You're right, smiling at a black circle attached to a box is kinda awkward... ;)
    I think your makeup looks fine. It definitely looks better than what I could have done!
    What kind of camera do you use? It takes great pictures! :)

    1. I use a Canon Rebel T2i. My oldest brother was stationed in South Korea for a year, (two years ago now. :) and he researched buying a camera over there and found that you could get them about $100 off the price I could find anywhere over here, he knew I wanted to get a new one as my older rebel wasn't working well anymore, so he picked it up for me in Seol. ;)

      haha, thanks... I noticed as i uploaded pictures last night that my eyeliner on my right eye (in the bottom picture) is basically nonexistent, but my left eye is bold. oops! :)

    2. Whoa, a $100 dollars off?! That's amazing! :D
      I've been really wanting a Canon Rebel T3i. What do you think?
      Ah, I didn't even notice that your eyeliner was messed up. :P (that shows my great power of observation!)
      I'm glad you all got to come over today, we had a blast! :D
      I hope you all had fun too!
      See you Sunday! :)

  2. I love this outfit! It looks so stylish and pretty :) And your hair is beautiful!


    1. Thanks, my friend! I have finally started to branch out and attempt to be creative with my hair. I've even been doing some up do's!! :) It's super fun!


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