Thursday, January 10, 2013

the sun came out of hiding and the snowman melted

The sun came out of hiding today, showing itself off with a background of blue skies and fluffy white clouds, and melting poor Mr. Snowman.  And he was a pretty cute guy originally. :) The snow is mostly melted, and the ground is saturated with the cold water, but my horse loves it anyway. We put her out on the lawn yesterday and she thought it was heaven. The grass was soaked though but she ate as though it were the most delicious grain-molasses feed. :)

      The sun proudly streamed though the upstairs window this afternoon, landing on the picture and cross at the bottom. Sunshine is what I love and miss most about Summer. The golden rays flooding though the windows pleading with us to come out and dance in the golden light.

      The kiddo's had pita pizzas for lunch, and they were delicious. (Although they aren't allowed on my diet, I did shamelessly eat a piece. Or two. Cheating on diets is good for the soul. Somebody must have said that, I'm sure. :)

      Blue sky is so amazing. I don't really understand completely where it gets its brilliant hues, but all I know about that is that it's purtty. 

         Despite me rambling on about how beautiful today is, do know that it is only about 40 degrees out there, so I quickly snapped these photos and returned to the house and my tea. :)

      Aren't pine-cones interesting little things? Each so different and unique and a lot of fun to study. (and photograph.) 

     My goats soaking up the sunshine. (And that brown one sorta in the barrel? I used to do that when I was little and taking naps. Mom has a picture of me all sprawled out, clutching my blankie, with my head and shoulders in a bucket. I musta been a weird kid, that's for certain. :) Here's a photo for proof, peeps. :)

     And please know that I debated posting this. It's just kinda, weird I guess, posting photos from when I was little. :)

Clouds. <3

How has your day been? As beautiful outside as mine? 

And a report on Mr. Snowman. I took these photos about two hours ago, and he is now considerably smaller. It looks as if we are going to lose the poor feller. :)

Have  and wonderful rest of the day, lovelies, and eat some chocolate and sing a really happy song, kay?



  1. I can't believe how sunshiney it is today.... You wouldn't believe how Mt. Adams glistened this morning! I love the picture of your littleness. And I noticed you have gotten THREE new followers in the past few days! Yay!!

  2. It's crazy how warm in general this winter has been! Whether or not I like the cold, it is winter after all. :)


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