Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Chasing Jupiter // Book Review

Chasing Jupiter
Chasing Jupiter
By Rachel Coker
I was super excited to have the opportunity to read Chasing Jupiter. I stumbled across Miss Coker’s blog about a year ago, (unfortunately, I don’t remember how I found it,) but it quickly became a favorite blog. I have to be honest; I love almost anything that has to do with writing and authors. I love knowing there are other teen girls out there who also love to write. And Miss Coker’s blog is a fun read and helpful as well.
         So I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to read her books. A friend loaned them to me and I… well, I devoured them both in two days…  (Hey, I was in bed with PMS cramps. That gives me a little excuse doesn't it?!) I do read really fast, so I burn through books. But anyhow… 
          I must say first that Ms. Coker’s book was engaging and original. Her characters draw the reader in, and her storyline was interesting and well thought out. 
           Scarlett was a typical sixteen-year-old girl, but she was basically raising her little brother, Cliff, because the rest of the family was too busy for the misunderstood little boy, and Grandpop Barley, because nobody had time for him either. She’s a girl who acts like a tomboy, and bakes peach pies… And then one day, she promises to help Cliff build a rocket to go to Jupiter. And that day changed her life, not to mention her summer, forever…
          Maybe it sounds a little lame when I try to describe an entire story in only one paragraph. 
          Every story has to start somewhere. Mine starts with a list written on a sheet of yellow construction paper, folded neatly into fourths, and pushed under my bedroom door so that I brushed it with my foot when I got up that morning.”
          I love her first {two} sentences. But especially the first sentence. I’m actually thinking of making some sort of wall hanging for my wall out of that sentence, because it’s true( I already have it written on a sticky note attached to my computer). Every single story starts somewhere, with something, big or small; everything has a beginning.  
          Chasing Jupiter was emotional. There were times I smiled and giggled, (looking like an idiot to anybody watching.J) and there were times that a frog climbed down inside my throat and I wanted to cry. (But if you were to know me really well, you’d know that that doesn't happen. Ever. Period. :) She had a good balance of emotions. The whole story was really sad, but the lighter moments made it a really good balance of the two.
          The characters were different from your standard perfect characters that it seems everyone wants to create. From little boys obsessed with rockets and Spanish to elderly grandfathers fixated on peanut-butter, to the neighbor woman who’s totally into the cha-cha, to hippy older sisters. Each is so different and incredible interesting in their own way.
         Ms. Coker’s book was delightful and I highly suggest you add Chasing Jupiter to your “to read” list. :)

* * * * * * * 
(seven out of ten stars)



  1. Lovely review, my friend :) Rachel is so good at crafting unique characters. And if you somehow get that first sentence on your wall, could you tell me how so I can do it, too? :)

  2. Yes I really liked this book too! Even though I did cry many times. Have u ever read Rachel's book Interrupted? It's so amazing and she only wrote it when she was 14! I got to meet Rachel a few months ago & got to talk to her and take a class from her on writing =D she is such an amazing,fun person to be around!

    1. I did read Interrupted, and I loved it!!! It was a beautiful story, with tons of interesting characters as well.

      It must have been cool to meet her and take a class from her!! She is one person I would love to meet. :)


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