Monday, September 9, 2013

hello there

I am... shy at first, but once you get to know me well, you'll realize that I really love people.

I keep... some memories stored forever, like special secrets.

I wish I could... be less awkward and more outgoing and "people friendly."

I love... the little things, like looking at the stars and moon, the smell after it rains, baby giggles and scribbling late at night

i dance... occasionally, and always wish I could dance more often, and with much greater skill.

I sing... basically all the time, everywhere and at all different volumes. :)

I really... miss people; I get really lonely and sometimes all I want is my brother.
I need... to make school a huge priority and push myself beyond where I think I can go.

I should... find something really cool that I love on Pinterest, and make it. :)

I can... express myself through writing so much better than actually opening my mouth and speaking.

I like... baking treats and then watching people enjoy them.

I always... embarrass myself by remembering awkward things I said/did over the last few years, and thinking about what I should have said instead.
~ ~
I found this 'Hello There tag' on pinterest the other day, and thought it looked like an interesting writing prompt. So last night, in a moment or twelve of writers block, (but wanting to write) I pulled it out and filled it in. It was kinda like a journal entry, and lately I have found that things not actually written for blogging purposes, make the best blog posts, because they are the most meaningful. You're not writing for a particular person, or people, but just for yourself. Anyhow. :)


  1. I agree with your last statement wholeheartedly! The best blogs are the blogs whose posts were written solely for the blogger's enjoyment--not for what they thought others would think of them. (Wow do I still struggle with that!)

    I think it's interesting how alike you and I are (even though we're different in some ways too--well, obviously. . .). Most of these words I can totally relate to. Especially the "expressing yourself better through writing" one--I get so annoyed with myself because my explanations in person are always faltering and awkward, and I think the person to whom I'm explaining gets annoyed with me for being so unable. And then the "I always embarrass myself" one--I wish God had equipped us with little "erase" buttons so that we could stop blushing over our embarrassing mistakes years or even hours ago.

    Beautiful post, my dear :) I can't wait to read your lovely novel!

    1. Oh--I forgot to mention, in my enormously long comment above, that I absolutely love that font you used in this post. (I have a strange attraction to fonts. Is that weird?) Is it on Blogger or on the Word document in your computer?

    2. I enjoy how alike we are, because it's been lovely to have someone who can relate with me a lot!!!

      Yes, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a little erase button. I think we should put together a petition for that!! haha

      And the font was in a Word document, it's called Angsana New, and it is probably my favorite font out there!! :)


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