Wednesday, November 20, 2013

flowing with the tide

city lights

(the picture has nothing to do with this post. just sayin'. :)

it feels so weird, and a little frightening. i guess i always expected it, but so soon? why does change have to happen, why do people have to grow up and why do people move on to new and, undeniably, better things, and leave other people, not really behind, but different? i avoid thinking about it all the time because it just feel strange. 
         see, in only seventeen days, my eldest brother is marrying his beautiful fiance. oh, she is a perfectly lovely girl, and i am really excited to have her as my sister, but it is strange to realize that we are all growing up and moving on from our childhoods. and it is hard to know that nothing will ever be the same, no matter how much i want it to stay normal and comfortable. people change, and move on, and relationships are never the same as time passes. 
          and in only fourteen days, i turn seventeen. my best friend and i were talking about it today, and we both felt that we are so much older than we were last year. it feels as though a lot of things have changed and we are now more experienced and just different. her older sister is getting married in a few months, she is going to college. i spent two months away from home, and my brother is getting married, and it just seems like this year has been so full of changes and getting used to differences. 
           i guess all this is to say: i'm not sure i'm okay with all the changes. but i'm learning to accept them. i guess change is  part of life,  and there is no way that we can stop it.


  1. Change is good . . . you go first!!!!

    (Side note: It's funny how often this came up today. First when we were talking about how we feel older, then when we were talking about everybody who's getting married, and then when you noticed the button on my backpack.)

    I love this post because it's so true and so beautifully written and so profound :) The End.

    P.S. Thank you for coming with me today!

    1. I know, it was rather interesting how much we managed to talk about it today. :)

      thank you, m'dear. :)

      And thank you for (on-the-spur-of-the-moment) letting me come with you. I had a lovely time, and we should do it again sometime, yes? ;)

  2. I can totally understand you! Yes; so many changes are happening in my life too. I don't like the changes but only God knows where these changes will lead....when God closes one door he opens another =)

  3. This post is everything I've been thinking lately... I've just hit that point where I don't feel like a little girl anymore (because I'm, obviously, not), and that point where I'm having to start making my own decisions. I can't rely on Mom and Dad for everything anymore, and it feels like everything in my life is changing right now. Life is going by too fast to get a good look at, you know? God's been teaching me that not every change is bad (I've probably had more good changes than bad lately), but I still fear it somewhat. Because I don't always like the unknown.


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