Tuesday, December 3, 2013


In the hushed hours after dusk, when the world is slowly settling down, preparing to rest and dream for a little while before rushing off again, in a hectic race against time, I find myself reaching out to the world of words, plots, and dreams turned into beautiful (and flawed) characters. All day long I look forward, with much anticipation to my hour or two with a book to read, a steaming mug of tea, and words that must be journaled  I love the gentle lull of a pen or pencil carefully marking dreams and ideas across a blank page.  I know I've said it once or twice before, {or maybe three or four times.}, but there is such magic in words.
          When I stop to think about the fact that some 50,000+ words can hold a person completely spellbound, captivated, (both emotionally and physically,) and sitting on the edge of their seat for hours on end, it completely blows my mind. 
          I have started writing again. (After my Les Mis experience,), and it feels so good to be hard at work crafting sentences, characters and plots again. I missed writing, and I think that is a good sign. :)
         And as always, I have been reading up a storm. My current reads are Uncle Toms Cabin, (almost done!! It's taken me a while  For some reason it has been extremely difficult to get into the story.) and Rainbow Valley. I decided it was high time I finished my adventures with Anne Shirley  But that does sound depressing. I don't want to finish having adventures with Anne-girl, no matter how old I am or how many times I read the books/watch the movies. :)
It is such a wonderful thing to be bookish! 

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  1. Yes it is! I started the next Merlin book, The Raging Fires. I like them but after a while they seem to get a little old because they're so similar . . . however, it's a nice break from Martin Eden :)


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