Saturday, December 14, 2013

mock peanut butter cups // recipe

          My dears, I am about to revolutionize your Christmas'. I am about to unleash the secret recipe that has made my family, extended family and various family friends look forward to the Christmas season each year, anticipating the first bite of heavenly loveliness. How my mama happened to create this delicious bite of heaven, I don't actually know, but it has made her extremely popular! :)
          So do yourself a huge favor  and make a quick trip to your favorite grocery store, and pick up a package of Ritz crackers, a bottle of sugary peanut butter, (my mama calls it junk and I call it heaven. :),  and also a package of almond bark, (make sure you get one package of chocolate and also one of vanilla. It's essential for the right flavor!). And then prepare to make an absolutely delicious cookie.
(This is almond bark, btw. You will need to melt it together, half and half of each chocolate and vanilla, in a double boiler so it won't burn.)
While the almond bark is melting, spread peanut butter on the Ritz crackers, making tiny little "sandwiches." try not to eat them all. :)

Then dip the Ritz sandwiches in the chocolate, making sure every little bit of that baby is covered with chocolate.  

When it's completely covered, pick it up on the fork, (keeping it on there can be an adventure.) and tap the fork on the side of the pan gently to get rid of excess chocolate. (Is there such a thing?) It also makes them more smooth and pretty. Just be super gentle and slow, or else you might loose the cookie a few times.
 Then gently lay the cookie down on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper, and leave to cool. you can press a fork gently on top to make them a little more fancy. My dad insists on that step. ;)
 and  if you're super anxious to try these you can put them in the refrigerator for a bit, but the chocolate does harden really fast, so if you have a little more self-control than other people leaving them on the counter works just fine. When you do finally get to eat one of these things, be careful. They can be a little addictive. :)
   Mama's been making these for years, and I don't think my relatives would be able to appreciate Christmas fully without them. :) 

enjoy, and if you make them, be sure to comment and tell my mother how much you are indebted to her. hehe

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  1. I just ate one of these from the cookies you gave us :) They are SO delicious! Thank you for sharing the recipe!


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