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Persuasion // Book Review

           Twenty-seven year old Anne Elliot was past her "bloom in life," and has few marriage prospects. she is considered rather "unnecessary" by her father and older sister, and is generally ignored. When her family's financial troubles become huge, her father decides to rent out Kellynch Hall and move to Bath to save money. Anne agrees, but decides to stay behind a few weeks with her married sister first.
          While with Mary, Anne's old lover returns, much to her confusion and dismay. The eight years separating them had not dampened her feelings for him however. But, persuaded by Lady Russell she had given him up so long ago. Anne doesn't know how to treat him ow. He is pointedly polite, but nothing more than a distant acquaintance, despite the fact that they are thrown together almost daily.
         Everyone suspects that Captain Wentworth intends to choose a wife between Louisa and Henrietta Musgrove and appearances confirm so. Everyone is mutually happy, and waiting for him to make his choice  But then an accident occurs, and Louisa is left unconscious, with a severe head-wound. Everyone wonders if she will ever recover, and if she does, if Wentworth will marry her. Anne tries to convince herself that she doesn't love him like that anymore.
          She leaves for Bath with Lady Russell, soon after Louisa is reported recovering. While i Bath, Anne meets her handsome refined cousin, Mr. Elliott. She is flattered by his attention, but remains aloof, because of her affection for Captain Wentworth.
          But then Wentworth arrives in Bath unexpectedly, and Anne is left even more confused. She receives some information from an old schoolfellow, and Anne is left without a doubt about what she feels in her own heart, but will he ever feel the same?

          I was eager to read Persuasion.I have fallen completely in love with Jane Austen's work, and have a high expectation for her novels, and this book completely rose up to them. In fact, I read it all at once, (in about two hours) and enjoyed it thoroughly  I felt that Anne was a very sweet, sensible, real heroine, whom I could identify with.
          Anne wasn't considered pretty at the beginning of the story, but in the end she was described as beautiful and handsome, and when I first thought about it, I thought that Miss Austen had managed to contradict herself. But the more I thought about it, I realized that Anne wasn't beautiful in the beginning  because she wasn't happy. Towards the end, she became happy and her beauty bloomed again  and she became strikingly handsome.
          I loved several characters especially besides the obvious Anne and Fredrick. :) Captain Benwick particularly caught my eye. He was a young naval officer, mourning the loss of his beloved fiance, burying himself in the world of literature  poetry and books. He was desperate for an arousing from his grief although several characters were unhappy and concerned about his "eventual awakening," because his fiance had only been dead a little over six months, and they were unhappy because he had forgotten her so soon. I felt, however, that Captain Benwick hadn't forgotten Fanny, and could never forget he, but he had learned to move on and love again, and I shall not ruin the surprise, but his match made me exceptionally happy and satisfied. I felt that they were perfect!! 
          Overall, this book was delightful, and well worth the two hours! I heartily recommend this book to Austen readers, classic's fans, and those in search for a sweet, beautiful story.
          My rating: * * * * * * * * (eight of ten)

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  1. Ironic to see someone reviewing this novel on my dashboard since it was just recommended to me - guess this is a sign: I now need to read it. :)

    Thanks, Becca.


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