Thursday, December 19, 2013

girlish dreams // just thoughts

(a photo I snapped last week an my older brother's wedding)
Girlish Dreams:
Dancing among the stars on crystal clear nights,
Skipping across the moon,
Stirring clouds with her fingertips,
Tasting the Wind.
Flitting among the treetops with swallows,
swimming with dolphins and diving to unheard-of depths.
Flying across the earth on a coal black stallion.

Journeying the world across,
Adventure awaiting her behind every bend,
Venice, Rome, Paris and London!
New faces, new experience, new friendships,
life filled with happiness and opportunity's.

A gentle lover who wins her heart,
Carefully courts and woos her,
and then asks her to be his bride.
A friendship more special than any other,
Growing steadily into a love that will never die.

A dress made of lace and white
surrounded by her closest friends and family,
with a string of pearls around her neck.
A veil over her youthful face.
Slowly joining her love at the alter,
taking his hand,  his name and love,
promising her trust and love in return,
Joined together in holy matrimony.

A tiny, darling infant girl,
With mama's eyes and daddy's nose,
Baby's fingers curled gently around hers,
Giggles and sweet coos,
First tottering steps.
The wonder of hearing "mama" from baby lips.

Girlish dreams.
Every girl grows up dreaming,
Wondering what the future will hold,
hoping, wishing and planning,
Imagining her life and what is to come.

Each dream different,
But just as special and treasured,
Some she outgrows,
But some she will hold onto forever.
And she continues to dream all of her life.
Always Hoping, Wishing, and Planning.

Just something I jotted down a few weeks ago. I wasn't sure what I thought about it, (because it was the product of a rather late night, an overworked brain, and too much caffeine, really.) But I emailed it to this sweet friend, and she told me that she loved it and I should blog it. So I am blogging it! :) It is a little nerve-wracking to post my own scribblings, things that means much more to me than mere blog posts, but lately I have decided to be a little more brave, and begin to slowly post more and more of my own bits of writing. so here we are. :)

so, are you a scribbler, and if so, what is one of the things that has helped you most in your writings
 (a quote, picture, idea, etc.)?


  1. That is such a sweet picture! Yes I am a scribbler and I will jot down most things that come into my head. :)



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