Wednesday, December 12, 2012


It's twelve.twelve.twelve today, and I'm happy. :)


~ Fall is gone ^ but winter is here, so I'm okay with that. :) (So, even though it's been December for twelve days now, I am still gonna take a moment to say: Good-by fall. Thanks for visiting. I enjoyed your stay, and will be very excited to see you next year. Come back, 'kay? :)
~ It's cold but quite sunny outside,
~ I got to drive today, I just finished my school for the day,
~ got part of a letter written,
~ took a piano lesson (and my piano teacher gave me the most beautiful shawl for a late birthday present. It is so beautiful, and I am in love with it. I am gonna have a lot of fun styling it with different outfits.)
~ The clouds are so pretty.
~ I found a new jean skirt yesterday at the thrift store that fits perfectly, and looks brand new! Denim skirts get me excited. I wear them all the time, like the way a guy wears jeans all the time, so a new one is awesome. And it's beautiful too.
~ I'm gonna see my grandparents this weekend, (the ones that live 7+ hours away, and I haven't seen since July.).

What makes you happy today?

Oh, and did you know that this is the last time that the month, day and year will be the exact number for 989 years! (If i did the math right.) So enjoy the date, people, it won't happen again in your life time.

Becca Anne


  1. That's really cool how you did the math :) I've never bothered to do that. It is so weird that that won't happen for that long--even if Jesus doesn't come back for 1000 years, our grandchildren to the eleventh may not see it :P

  2. Hi Rebecca, how did you enter this? I noticed that it had a LOT of requirements. How can you do it without Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest?

  3. jean skirts are my favorite! but, they're also the hardest to find so when I do find one I get really excited =)


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