Monday, December 17, 2012

photography confessions // winter is here to stay

~~ This post was supposed to go 'live' about two weeks ago, dears, but unfortunately I have been having a bunch of issues with uploading photos, but I have gotten it up and running again somehow(at least for now) so I will hopefully be up and posting again! ~~

I'm going to make a huge confession today. I am quite sure that it will surprise my photography friends a lot, but I'm gonna say it. :)

     I shot in Manual mode for the very  first time today. And it was amazing.

There. I said it. Are you shocked? You have a very good reason to be, that's for sure! I've had DSLR's for over two years and I've just shot in Manual mode!?!

I felt  in control of the camera , (the kind of control that they portray in the cartoons, where some guy is in front of a TV and he just has to have the remote. Like, he'd be completely lost without it. yah...),  and it was very exciting to get a good shot, because I put way more effort into getting it, than just pointing the camera and clicking a photo. And I found out that I can make a picture turn out the way I want it to, not just the way it does when I set the camera to Automatic mode.
These are my first Manuel shots. And I'm happy. (and since that day, I haven't set my mode to anywhere else, and I don't plan on doing again!!)
Becca Anne


  1. You have some lovely nature photos. I've only shot manually using a film camera. It definitely gives you the best shots once you get everything right, but with film it's more expensive to get it right... I'm sure with digital it's probably faster and easier.

  2. You write such beautiful posts, Becca! And I love all the photos! Gorgeous!

    Keep blogging. :)

  3. that is so neat! I just bought a new camera and I haven't used the manual mode at all since I've gotten it. hopefully I'll learn everything about my camera soon!

  4. Ooh, I especially like the third one from the top. Good job!


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