Saturday, December 1, 2012

gift exchange // thank you, Emma

  I entered in a gift exchange, over at Katherine’s blog, earlier this month, (auctually last month. o-O is it really already December?!) and I had a lot of fun with it. I was assigned a girl from Maine. Talk about opposite sides of the country!!! I don’t think we could live further apart, while still living in the US, (excluding Alaska and Hawaii, of course. J) I get her box in the mail yesterday morning, and loved it.

Emma knew how to make me happy!! ^ 

 And I love big coffee mugs, ‘ cause then I don’t have to go back for more coffee or tea nearly as often
 A coaster to go with the mug. Brilliant!! I needed one for my desk, as I am always drinking something or other while I do school.

This ornament is so cute. My family doesn’t put up a tree, but it will look adorable in my room. J

A cute note pad for my purse. I am always writing something down, the name of a song I want to look up, or something I really don’t want to forget. (A tendency I seem to have. STMLD is something I battle constantly. And that stands for Short Term Memory Loss Disorder. J yes, I have issues. lol)
These are too cute, Emma! My family loved them. J  Pumpkins are something I really love, and I have a feeling that these are gonna be out for display in my room for quite a while after the holiday season is over.
Isn’t this fun? ^ I’ve never seen a pencil like that before. Very creative.

Emma is a card-maker, and this was the lovely card she sent me. Cute, yes?

*dies and goes to heaven* I could exist completely on GHIRARDELLI Dark and Raspberry chocolate (and White Mocha Lattes. ) for an entire month, and be perfectly content. J  This is wonderful, Emma.
(I thought this was funny. The serving size is three balls. Don't those people try to save the cocolate and make it last as long as they can? Isn't that the fun of having a chocolate stash? Dying to eat a piece, but telling yourself that you don't really need it, and you don't really want to go through it as fast as you have been?! :P)

 And I already ate some of the chocolate, Emma. :) It was lovely, and delicious and made me feel happy. :)
Thank you, Emma, for the thoughtful gifts. You put a lot of thought into putting the box together and everything was perfect. J I enjoyed being your partner a lot. J
And yes, I was lazy and took all those photos on the floor. But hey, it was a clean background. :) That's always nice.
Becca Anne


  1. Awww.......your welcome Becca!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!!

  2. WOW! You got a lot of stuff!

    I am post-poning the link up until Dec. 5th because I want to make sure everyone got their gift. =) So be sure to link up when the time comes

  3. Happy birthday Becca!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

  4. I was just wondering why your family doesn't put up a tree?


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