Monday, December 17, 2012

colors dancing in the sky

I love the intense colors in the sunsets that seem to dance across the sky as though the clouds were bidding this part of the world adieu and sail off to other skies.
     They're so beautiful this time of year, and I have been enjoying shooting them lately. Sunsets are something that is just gorgeous, and aren't super complicated to capture, so while I've been experimenting with Manuel mode and all that lovely stuff, it's been nice to have something lovely to capture. Now I need to learn how to capture the same thing from different angles so that I don't end up taking photos of different sunsets in the same exact places every day. :) That would get old, even for me!!
     Do you have any tips for how to look for different angles? Actually, I would love to get any tips from the photographers that read my blog!! I am so new to really pursuing photography, and I would love your tips. :)
     Can you believe that Christmas is in only seven days? This holiday season has gone so fast it amazes me, and makes me quite dizzy to think that in two weeks this year will be gone. o-O  
     Tell me what your favorite things have been this month so far, and what you're really looking forward to in the next thirteen days, 'kay.
Becca Anne

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  1. Nice pictures, Rebecca :) I have really liked the snow this month. And I'm really looking forward to Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas morning breakfast. :) :) :) :) :)


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