Saturday, December 22, 2012

of self-portraits, birthday cakes, and gingerbread

This was the almond poppy seed cake I had for my birthday. This cake is seriously the best ever. I’ll have to post the recipe some time, because if you haven’t tasted it, you just haven’t lived!! J

 No, he isn't sick, he’s tired. We went for a walk a couple weeks ago, (even though it was only like 30 degrees out there.) and we bundled him up so much, I guess, he was just so comfortable he decided to sleep.J Isn't the hat adorable?

This is my hair. Before I cut it. J You can’t really see how long it is, but it was about mid back, length.

This is my hair now, after I cut it. And I love it, people. It’s so fun and different, and I was so ready for something different with my hair. (And yes, these were taken in the mirror in my bathroom. 'Cause I'm cool like that. :)

There, you can see how long it was. And don’t bother counting the candles. All you need to know is that I feel old now. J

This kid is so cute. And he is slightly scared of me, but after I read him and the rest of the little boys stories for a while the last time they were here, I think he likes me now. :) Aren't his eyes amazing?! :)

Gingerbread, with a whole ton of delicious whip cream on top. Gingerbread has been my “go to holiday food” this Christmas season, as my mom has been on a major health kick for awhile, and she only allows healthy desserts. J So I needed something that made me think Christmas, but didn't taste that healthy. This is what I came up with, and I am in love. J

I made this apron for a girl I did the gift exchange with a few months ago. Cute, yes? I won’t be making myself one, however, because the ruffles make me look six months pregnant. And that’s not something I’d like to look. J

Piano keys. Need I say more?!

Geez, this post has lots of photos of me, but I guess that’s okay, as I don’t post photos of myself ever, and it’s almost Christmas, so I can do anything I want, right… right.

I always have extra photos that just don't fit into a post, and so, eventually, they usually all end up in a random post, without much of a title, but has all the photos that really make up my life, the way it really is. I guess that's why I usually enjoy other people's random posts so much, because they seem a bit more real, more them. So that's what this post is, my random everyday life, in photos. :)    
     Which do you prefer random posts that really have no point in site, or regular posts that people do on specific topics on specific days? :)
Becca Anne


  1. Random posts are awesome! I love your hair!!! I wish I could cut mine, bit it is curly, so if it is short it just gets pooch :/

  2. Cute hair!!! I got mine cut this week too... but I definitely wasn't brave enough to go that short. I only cut off about 6 inches, and people other than myself barely notice that I cut it at all.

  3. Love your hair! So pretty :) Three people I know have that same haircut . . . interesting.
    I really like random posts, but I also like regular posts, because I think the regular posts are what make the blog. However, if it's all regular posts then it gets boring :P I really like your blog!


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