Friday, December 7, 2012

I did something incredibally crazy today (yesterday)

This post, (actually my journal entry.)  was written three days ago. We've been having trouble with our internet, and I haven't been able to post it.  And I can't post any photos either.  I have a serious love/hate relationship with computers right now. I love them most of the time, but sometimes they just really bug me. Like right now! Just in case you were wondering that. J 

          The house is quiet, the children fast asleep, and it’s officially my favorite time of day. The clock says it’s 10:15 and 45 seconds, and I am wide awake. Not from coffee, (although that would have been my first guess to,. J), no it’s from complete excitement.        

          You see, I did something incredibly crazy, (technically yesterday. But we celebrated today.) I would even dare say insane, today. I still can’t believe it really happened, even though I’ve been counting down since 67 days ago. J
     So, what did I do? I didn’t already mention that?! Man, my head is in the clouds for sure…   

          I turned sixteen today.  I know. Unbelievable, right?? Everybody on earth turns sixteen, (except for those that don’t… yah, whatever.) but for some reason, sixteen seems really big to me. Like I’ve gotten somewhere with my life. I know everybody always says “don’t rush your childhood,”: and “once you’re an adult you’ll always be one, so be happy where you are,” but I am so happy to have reached sixteen, and be well on my way to adulthood. J 

          In this new year, I want to grow deeper in my relationship with Christ. I want to become a better pianist. I want to start an etsy shop. I want to learn to drive. I want to take my hobby of photography to a much bigger level. I want to start (and finish!) the novel I have written inside my head. I want to start making journaling a part of my life, (instead of just an occasional thing.) I want to improve my blogging, both in my writing, and my photography, making my blog more interesting, thought provoking and fun. I want to improve my relationship with my siblings. I want to learn how to capture what I see, think and feel, and put them into words that are powerful, captivating, basically I want to learn to write things that can emotionally move people, making them feel what my characters are feeling, see what I am describing. I guess you could call these my resolutions for my sixteenth year. J

          This year is going to be so full of opportunity’s, and I don’t want to miss them. 

     I recently ran across a wonderful quote that I have come to love. I actually bought a 365 day journal (that I plan on starting January 1st. J) and this quote was on the front: “When one door of Happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” Helen Keller.

     That’s what I don’t want to do this year. I want to move on with my life, to the new door that God brings me, and with his mercy and grace, walk through that door and pursue all that he has for me.   

          This past year has been a rough one for me. I’ve had to adjust to having both my older brother gone, and being the oldest at home, and that’s been extremely emotionally hard for me. Thomas, Andrew and I have always been really close, even though I am 3 and 5 years younger than them, and it’s been crazy hard to not have them around, but I’ve realized, mostly in the last two weeks, that felling upset and angry isn’t gonna help any, besides making me miserable. They have moved out and moved on with life, I need to stop staring at that door. It’s closed, all the way shut, and sitting here staring isn’t gonna open it. J 

          Anyway, I ‘m rambling, as I tend to do, mostly completely unsure of what I’ve been talking about anyway…

                  I ask you to bless this new year for me. I ask you to put a thirst in my soul for you. I ask you to show me yourself in ways I can’t even imagine. Thank-you for the blessings you’ve given me i; my family and friends… a home, an amazing country to call mine.
          I love you, Jesus.   


  1. Beautifully written and beautifully sincere :) Happy 16th birthday!

  2. It is absolutely true that adulthood will come much faster than you want it to. :) I'm twenty one and I would do anything to be sixteen and carefree again. :)

    Many birthday wishes your way!

  3. Happy birthday Becca!!! I tagged you in my latest blog post! Hope you do it!

  4. Hey Rebecca :) I awarded you with Sierra's linky thingy too :)


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