Wednesday, November 28, 2012

these are a few of my favorite things // at this moment

// My nearly every morning smoothie //
// my official favorite mug (I  feel very strange inside when a guest takes my cup, all I can think is
that’s my cup!!”)  //

// my bible // 

// adorable cuteness, yes? //

// pretty pink nails, and canon; it doesn’t get much better than that //

// an up-to-date portrait of me, complements of John //

// dark chocolate kisses; life would be so boring without dark chocolate kisses, yes? // 

// macro water droplets //

// I am downright obsessed with clouds //

// I love this boy // 

// water // 

// it’s a berry. J //

// and this is water too, it just doesn’t look like it. It looks more like melting crushed plastic. But that’s beside the point. //
I love familiar things.
      Like waking up in your own bed after being gone on vacation, and the way it just feels normal. Making myself a cup of tea on a crisp cold fall day. Picking my camera up and snapping photos of James. Reading Caleb books that were my favorite when I was his age (3), or watching Bambi with the little ones, and laughing hysterically, and ohhing and ahhing over the cuteness that the produces managed to pack into it. The smell of rain, coming in the distance,  for the first time in the fall. Looking up at the stars, and realizing that they are the same stars I’ve always looked up at, and the awesomeness and majesty doesn’t change at all; I am just as impressed every time I look up at the sky on a clear night as I was the very first time. Listening to my favorite Christmas CD, that we’ve had practically all my life. Seeing shapes in the clouds.
    I love familiar things and I hate change, so I guess that’s why I hate the thought of moving. I am comfortable where I am, and this is where I want to stay. I have friends here, memories here, and this is my hometown. The thought of leaving makes my throat get tight, and my chest hurt. I’m a shy girl, but once I make friends with people, which takes me a while, I’m fine, and the thought of having to start all over again seems impossible.
     This isn’t what this post was going to be. It was just going to be a happy post, but I guess I just needed to ramble for a moment. And I’ll take a moment to explain while I’m rambling.
     My dad got a job up in the Coulee Dam area of Washington, driving a bread truck for Franz Bakery. Grand Coulee is about 4 hours from here, and when you drive big trucks and a fifteen-passenger van (like we do. J) it costs a lot to drive back and forth. So as a result dad is only able to come home (most of the time) for twenty-four hours once a week. So my parents are looking for a house, and hoping to move up there as soon as possible, which could mean the end of next month.  And I needed a moment to ramble about what’s been on my mind for the last while. Sorry. J
     Anyway… back to the happy I was planning.
     Can you believe that it is the Christmas season already?! I am terribly excited. Christmas is my very favoritest (Microsoft Word doesn’t like this favoritest. I don’t understand it… it’s a word I use all the time!? :) time of year. I love the smells, the colors, the snow, the cookies  and candies, the festive spirit that flies through the air and magically makes everyone cheery and happy, the music, and the whole meaning of Christmas. It is just a special time of year, and it’s my favorite. I am really hoping that we get snow soon. That is just an essential for Christmas, yes?
     What are you doing to prepare for the Christmas season? Are you baking anything yet? (I am planning to kick off my holiday cooking by making Peanut butter cookies, to send to Thomas’s roommate, Caleb. It’s an attempt to prove to him that I’m not the creep he must think I am. I’ve been on speaker phone, unknowingly, and said things several times that I wouldn’t have said if I had known he was listening in.J) 
     What are some of your favorite familiar things? Things that are a part of your daily life, and you’d feel like there was something missing if it wasn’t there.


  1. Great pictures!! =)

    I'm having a Thanksgiving photo challenge if you are interested-

    Sorry. I have difficulties sometimes. Actually I guess it would be more proper to say "I love this post," as the post itself is not in the past . . . :P And you got your pageview thingy up! Yay! I love looking at people's pageviews :) :)

  3. Such lovely photos, Becca!

    The one of you is very nice! :)

    Those dark chocolate kisses sound especially good right now ;)

    Rambly posts are always good ;)

  4. Oh, BTW, I wanted to ask you what you make your smoothie out of ?? ;)

  5. thank you so much for your lovely note on my blog! it brought me a smile =)

    yes, those things that are familiar become a part of who you are; I love the smell of cinnamon near our front door, I love coming home to my cats running over to me (yes, they are adorable!), I love the strong, lush trees in our yard, and I love gazing upon the sunset in the evenings.


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