Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dear October

Dear October,

     You were lovely this year, and I’m gonna miss you. The highlight of your visit was definitely saving enough to buy my Rebel T2i, although it won’t arrive for a couple more weeks. The day night Thomas picked that up was so excited. I could have screamed, and I did run around the house like crazy absolutely in shock that it had really happened.  I love that Korean guy that sold it to “me” for a hundred bucks less than I could get it over here in the states. I could have given him a hug, and probably would have if I’d been there, so I guess it was a good thing I wasn’t, ‘cause that woulda creeped him out, and I wouldn’t want to do that!

     And you brought the rain with you. That made me happy. I love the rain, so anything that brings rain makes me happy. Thanks, October.

     Anyway, thanks for visiting, (not that you had a choice in the matter!)  and be sure to come again next year! Can’t wait to see you then.


The girl in the orange socks.


  1. Pretty new blog design! :D

    Who did your button?

  2. Nice changes to your blog Rebecca!
    I LOVE the colors ! Now you just need some recipes, and decorating pictures. How about a bedroom tour, group sibling photo shoot, pet parade....I am just full of ideas if you want any ! : )
    Love you,
    Mom xoxoxo


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