Wednesday, October 31, 2012

cute boy named Caleb


This is Caleb, and he’s three. He’s sweet, adorable, and oh so busy! He’s always making some craft or another, or leaving a trail of tiny pieces of paper all over the living room, left over from a paper cutting session. He smiles the cutest, he just can't help scrunching his face up all funny when I tell him to smile in front of a camera. I was out milking my goats a couple mornings ago, and felt the urge to take portraits, so I grabbed the nearest kid, (Caleb. :) and perched him on the fence. So I could get the sky in the photo, ya see… He was too short to get the sky in the photo any other way!! :)

     And then we got the classic “boy and dog look into the distance,” photo. That’s such a classic, and it happens almost every time I pose one of the kids with the dog. I think it’s cute!!  

       Haven’t I got the cutest siblings in the world?!
Becca Anne


  1. He's adorable! Great pictures- and pretty dog! :)

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  2. cute!! he is adorable! :) great photos!!


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