Saturday, October 27, 2012

cute things I bought // and didn't need

My dad just got a job up in the Grand Coulee Dam area, driving a delivery  truck for Franz Bread, so we drove up to spend a couple days with him this past week. We found an adorable antique shop in a little town about 20 minutes from the Dam.  I found this little guy, ^ and instantly fell head-over-heels with this necklace. The owl trend is really adorable, I must admit!!

Isn’t it way too cute?!? I don’t wear watches, but I couldn’t resist this one!!!!

I  also found this leather-bound copy of Jane Eyre at Michaels in Yakima.  Books are something that I just can’t resist, especially ones I’ve come to love. My mom and I have very different opinions of this book; she thinks it’s creepy, and I love it to death!! :)

And I found this adorable note pad. Music is my thing, so it’s perfect for me.   

And, last but not least, this is a stamp, and I plan to use it on the back of all my envelopes. It is so cute!! Yes, I already tried it. In fact, I wrote a letter to a friend the day we got back, just so I could use it!!! (That and the fact that I owed her a letter. :)
How was your week, lovelies, and what's the best thing about fall? i am totally loving this weather. Rain is the best. :)


  1. I love all of it!!! LOL

    (no surprise there)

    The necklace/owl/clock is SO cute! <3

    The journal suits me just fine, obviously. ;)

    And the paper & stamp are very vintage & adorable!

  2. I ADORE that owl watch!!!!! That is so awesome! And the book.............. you are SO lucky. I love the design on the cover.


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