Sunday, November 11, 2012

my musical journey

          Music is a  big part of my life. I've taken piano lessons for eight years, flute for two years, and voice for one summer. I've always been fascinated with the way instruments sound, and could sit for hours just listening to an orchestra or symphony. Music is so well loved becasue it is so diverse! There are thousands of 'different' styles, (in fact, every artist ou tthere has heir own praticular style.) so people have so many different options to choose from to fit their lifestles, belifes and tastes.
          Classical music is mostly what I play, along with other things occasionally, (to stretch my ability's. :), and I love being able to play music composed by Master Pianists from hundreds of years ago. There is something absolutely amazing about trying to play the songs the way they must have, and knowing, deep down in my heart, that most modern pianists must fail miserably at recreating the mood and feel the composer meant for a piece.
          But I'm getting WAY off the post I was intending to write! :) (Which happens quite frequently.)
          I was going to tell you about how I got to the level I'm at, musically. :)
          I began taking piano lessons when i was about 7 1/2. I was positive that I was gonna be amazing in about 2 weeks. lol Boy did I learn better! I've been playing for a little over eight years now, and I'm so far from amazing it's not even funny~!
          i guess everybody think they'll be great at something when their little, and then suddenly realize when they get a little older that they will probably not every be amazing at it. Or was that just me?! :)
          Anyway, I was a slow beginner. In fact, I was a beginner for probably close to 5 years... I really have no natural talent for music.
          My teacher had to become creative in ways to help me learn better, especially because I didn't really learn to read music until I had played for almost six years. (I know, that's bad!) My teacher, Mrs. H. finally started writing the note names beside the actual notes, so that I could see the name and the note together, learning to recognise them as I played. that way I wasn't held back to Mary had a little Lamb" type songs forever. My teacher reminds me often that I was her very hardest student every., :) I am so grateful that she stuck with me, and persevered, because otherwise I probably wouldn't be musical if she hadn't. She did, however decided not to take any other students after me, so I am her last student.3. (That  ought to tell you how hard I was. lol) She has become very close to y older brother Andrew (19) and I over the years. We were the only ones from my family to take lessons from her, and she has almost became an aunt to us.
          Piano will always be a huge part of my life. It's the way I vent pent up emotions, express myself when I am happy, and a way to worship God. I am very grateful to my parents for making me practice, and to Mrs. H. for her patience, encouragement, and creativity.
And I'll leave you with this video. ^ I thought it was adorable, and sweet, and the music is lovely too. :)

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