Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Luke Abraham // cute, yes?

This is Luke…

We’re gonna have trouble keeping the girls away from this one when he grows up.
I told him to make a funny face, and got an adorable one. :)

Photo-shoots are exhausting. lol

          This is Luke, my five-year-old cute brother. He’s fun, and cute, and so much fun to take out on a photo shoot! I do believe that he is the only one of my family that really enjoys getting their picture taken. J He was running around the woods posing himself yelling “Come take one over here” just about every thirty seconds, while I attempted to keep up with him.  He was sad to stop when I finally decided I was gonna keel over from lack of food, and probably could have gone on posing himself all day long.

          We constantly have to deal with problems between Caleb and Luke, “He hit me,” and “He ripped the book out of my hands” kind of stuff, in fact, I even had to do that while I was typing this post, but they have so much fun together too. You should hear the noise in the car as we travel anywhere. They are way back in the van, each yelling for mom’s attention every two minutes; I’m serious, and trying to outshout the other. It gets really chaotic. J

I just love this little guy, isn’t he cute?!


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