Sunday, November 18, 2012

this is Maria...

This is Maria, and she is four days old. And I am in absolutely complete bliss. 
     My brother was finally able to send her off to me, and I am so happy with her. I haven’t told him yet that I named the camera. I have a feeling that he’s gonna laugh when I tell him that. 

Speaking of Thomas… he sent all of us girls these lovely roses. I have the sweetest brothers ever, yes?

James is so photogenic, and  I suppose that is why most of my photos lately are of him. J

I told him to smell the roses Dad broght mom this weekend. And this is what  I got from David. I took one look at the photo, and told him it was going on the blog. That's when he started freaking out and trying to convince me that it was not going on the blog. Apparently I was not convinced. :)

 She takes lovely photos, and I seriously finally feel ready to start attempting portraits. I took Julia out on a real photo shoot with a couple props and dressed her up pretty, and even curled her hair, and realized that it was just plain fun. I can’t wait until I can convince someone else to go out  for a photoshoot with me. J



  1. You're brothers ARE very nice to send you flowers--ROSES actually......

  2. Maria takes great pictures! Are you going to post some from the photoshoot of Julia?

  3. @ Mrs.Sharp: yes, I just posted some photos from that photoshoot. They turned out SOOO cute. :)


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