Friday, January 16, 2015


I've been in a writing mood for the past several weeks. I've been journaling in earnest again, (I tend to go through waves of journaling. One week I won't pick it up and write a word, and the next that's all I want to do.) I even started a story that's been floating around in the back of my mind for awhile. I don't have any idea how long it will end up, or if I'll finish it. (I don't finish projects I've started very often.) But I am having a considerable amount of fun whilst working on it, and am even making myself giggle occasionally. (Two of my four main characters are so like me it's silly. they're ditsy, klutzes, overwhelming at times and just ridiculous. They've been quite fun to write. So far Vincent has landed thoroughly in a mud puddle, ruined his favorite hat, knotted himself up in his tie and at some-point today he is going to pour tea all over himself and a friend in excitement. His older sister isn't sure what she's going to do with him. (He's twenty-three.)

I've finished reading nine books so far this year. o.O Mom asked yesterday when I have the time to read so much. :) Reading is the reason I stay up so late every single night. My favorite hours of the day are after ten o'clock, usually with tea or chocolate in one hand and some book or another in the other hand. 

My bestie is coming to visit me next weekend! Weather permitting and as long as nobody gets sick this time or some other unavoidable circumstance stands in our way. She was supposed to come last weekend, but my whole family had a horrible cough/sore throat and we didn't want to get her sick. I'm looking forward to staying up late, watching movies, exploring the mall and probably some coffee shop, and going to dinner. (Hopefully at Olive Garden, or some other restaurant equally good. :)

And on Tuesday my super cool sister-in-law and I are going exploring at the outlet mall near her house. I know we'll have a blast. :)

This week has been quiet, mostly, and rather normal. Laundry, cooking dinner, assisting various children with school, reading late into the night, avoiding the cold outdoors, (It's been 40+ degrees outside. I'm just a wimp.) math and biology, needing to clean my room again but putting it off because I simply don't want to.

Lydia is growing up so fast. She is ten 1/2 weeks old and she just weighed in yesterday at 8.0lbs. :) She's so cute, and smiled at me last week. :) We're all completely wrapped around her little finger.

well, I'm off to bake a poppy-seed cake for Mama. It's her favorite and I think we make it for her birthday every year. Her birthday was actually yesterday, but she forgot and invited some friends over for dinner, so we're celebrating tonight. She wants to go out for pizza, so I think we're going to a pizza buffet.

this is a weird collection of information. can i blame it on two much coffee, a headache and many distractions? thanks. :)

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