Tuesday, January 6, 2015

it's a girl thing // Comfy and Blue


Chevron Maxi: Goodwill {6.99)
Chambray button-up: Khols {19.50}
Polka-dot Scarf: Thrifted {3.99}
Black flats not pictured as usual: Walmart {12.99}

I grabbed this skirt at Goodwill and am insanely happy about it. A chevron skirt was on my "updated wardrobe" list, and it felt good to be able to check that off. (I am a list-crosser-off'er-obesser. Being able to cross something off makes me insanely happy.) And maxi skirts are pretty much the best thing since... well maybe even better than sliced bread. 'cause you know what? Slicing bread isn't really that hard. Why do we say that? It's not like it takes hours, or a college education, or even a certification. It literally takes all of five seconds.
     Anyway, we're all sick with coughs and sore throats, and I wanted a comfortable outfit today. (Because my mama has issues with staying in pajama's all day.) 

I am loving my double piercing. :) It's so much fun to wear two studs like this and just feel sparkly. :)

Well, I'm off to make some tea, do some more laundry and probably read To Kill a Mockingbird. What does your Tuesday afternoon look like?


  1. Becca! When did you get your second piercing?? It's beautiful - doesn't it just make you feel more girly? :p
    My Tuesday also includes tea and laundry...and some packing and mailing of packages! :D

    1. I got it done about a month ago. (I think... although the month of December is a little blurry to me, so it could have been a bit sooner. :) Yes, it's fun. ;) Just a tiny bit of extra bling, but it made me extremely happy.

  2. I love the chevron maxi skirt! Super cute!

  3. Cute outfit, Becca! And I LOVE your double piercing! I feel so unattentive not having noticed it until you put this picture up on your blog. Oh well, that is rather me. :)
    Have a great day!

  4. I love your chevron maxi, and the seconds are beautiful on you! I can't wait to see it in person :)

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