Sunday, January 18, 2015

it's a girl thing // pink and sparkly

This afternoon I attempted to take some "it's a girl thing" pictures of  my outfit from church. And after the normal long time it takes to set up my camera, figure out settings that will work with the indoor light, and find the proper angle... etc, and then actually taking the photos, (a feat accomplished by perching my camera on my bookshelf and running back and forth between self-timers...) I decided to ask one of my siblings to head outside with me to snap a few. :)


Can I just mention something that drives me insane? Okay. Curling my hair. Why does it look gorgeous one day, (Friday for me.) and then you try to do the same thing a day or two later and it ends up looking like a tangy scary mess? What am I doing wrong?
Outfit details:
Skirt: Some shop in China {29.99}
Silver Sweater: Goodwill {6.99}
Purple Cami: Fred Myer's {12.99}
Shoes: Kmart: {4.99}
Head Band: Gift {0.00}

I don't know why I still have these shoes. They hurt like crazy and give me blisters every single time I wear them. But they're nude so they go with almost every outfit. Actually. I do know why I still have them. They were on clearance last year, for 4.99. They were such a bargain, that I can't make myself get rid of them, even though they are probably the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I have ever worn. Okay. I think I'll look for a new pair on Tuesday when I go shopping with Sarah. :)

I think this is what the rest of my afternoon is going to consist of. ^ Catching up on bible study... studying. journaling and the baby name book is for character casting. :) I'm going to head down stairs to make myself a cup of Paris tea, complete with a dollop of cream and a small spoonful of sugar, and then come back upstairs to write and read and relax. 


  1. Ooo! I LOVE your skirt Becca! :D (my favorite color!)
    I love flow-y skirts. ^_^
    I can never figure out how to curl my hair, so can't help you there... ;)
    How was church? We missed going today! (just finishing getting over colds again)
    Hope your tea was good! ;)

    1. Thanks for commenting, Megan. I know! The best feature about the skirt is that it TWIRLS!!! :)

      Church was good. We missed you guys! Ben Coder preached on Daniel 1-3, focusing on three stories that each illustrated the points of his sermon:
      1. What Path are you On? (Daniel and his friends chose to obey God's law concerning diet, rather than feast on the King's pork and wine.)
      2. Who will you follow? (The King was going to execute all of the wise men, but Daniel asked to interpret the dream. He requested his friends to pray for compassion from God, so that they wouldn't be destroyed, his friends did as he asked, and God revealed the mystery of the dream to Daniel in the night.)
      3. Will you stay on the Path (Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego didn't worship the idol Nebuchadnezzar created, and when he questioned and threatened them they respectfully told him that they would not worship his idol. They told him that God is able to deliver them from the fire, but even if God did not save them, they still would not bow down and worship the idol.

      And he finished with the announcement that as Christians we must be RUDE. :)
      All character qualities demonstrated by Daniel and his friends.

      My tea WAS good. I really recommend the Haney and Son's brand. They're expensive, but you can buy a box of 50 tea bags for around $11.00 on Amazon. The one I have is a black tea, and it almost smells and tastes flowery. The smell is almost better than the taste, which can get really over done if you let it steep too long; five minutes exactly! :) It's my grandma's favorite tea, and I fell in love with it whist visiting her, so she sent me home with some. :) I've been hoarding it and only drinking it occasionally. :)

    2. Wow, thanks for the sermon notes! That's great! :D
      Glad you liked your tea! It sounds really good! :)
      Talk to you later. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I originally bought it for my brother's wedding last December, but my order got mixed up and somehow the company ended up sending me the wrong skirt, (The one I bought was supposed to be a nude color, and less flowy and shiny.) I had bought a ruffly shirt and cardigan in the brown/beige/gold tons, and they "worked" enough with the skirt to be presentable, but I wasn't really happy with the result. I didn't have time to send the skirt back though, (Having gotten it in the mail just days before the wedding,) so I just went with it.
      Since then I haven't worn this skirt, because I didn't have a shirt I was happy with, but I found this sweater at Goodwill earlier this week and was thrilled to be able to pull the skirt out of the back of my closet. :)

  3. I LOVE this outfit. And I think your hair is gorgeous! You're so good with a curling iron.

    dance a real

    1. thanks, m'dear! I was super excited about wearing it. (And my hair was just crazy that day!)


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