Friday, January 30, 2015

Ella Enchanted // Book Review

Ella Enchanted
Gail Carson Levine

* * * {Three of Five}

I unashamedly love fairy-tales. Disney Princess movies? I adore them! Modern fairy-tale retellings?  um, yes please. Narnia? Absolutely! I actually haven't loved fairy-tales for very long, and thus haven't read that many yet. So I am slowly discovering all the magical stories. And last week I was reading a blog post by this lovely author, and she was talking about loving Ella Enchanted as a child. So of course I ordered it from the library that day and read it over the weekend. Because who decided that kids books are only for kids, anyway.

Ella Enchanted was a sweet, super cute tale, putting a quirky and fun spin on the lovely Cinderella story that we all know and love. It was a very easy read, and turned out to be a book that I wish I had discovered when I was twelve. (It's one that I will definitely add to the library I plan to start for my own children. :)
     One thing that I really loved about this story was that Ella's obedience spell and the problems that it caused weren't fixed by the black magic, (or any magic at all,), but Ella was able to break the spell through her attempt to protect those she loved.

I heartily recommend this little story for all the little girls out there who dream of fairy-tale endings, delightful Prince Charmings, and Princess' in disguise. (And of course all the not so little girls who just like fairy-tales!)


  1. I loved that book as well! The next book is called Fairest... it is an awesome adaption of Snow White.

    1. Cool, I'll have to look that one up as well!!

      Thanks for your comment on my last post, btw. I was still using the cleaning solution they gave me when i got the piercing, but I switched to peroxide, and am cleaning them several times a day now. hope it works!!!

      and I am planning on checking out your blog and commenting, and emailing you, (!!!) but we only get 10gb's of high-speed internet every month, and always run out at the end of the month... so I have to wait until the 2nd, :( (we can still use the internet, but its slower than dial-up. :) this post took forever.

      love and miss you!!!

    2. I plan on emailing you as well :) life has been very busy with the move, and I got a job. Totally understand about the internet... ours is not very good here either.

  2. I LOVE Narnia, but that is about as far as fairy tale love went with this girl. :)

    1. haha, that's okay. I didn't discover my love of fairy-tales until last summer... there's still hope for you. :) i agree about Narnia though!!!

  3. I am a new-found fairytale lover :) I absolutely adore them now... <3


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