Thursday, January 22, 2015

it's a girl thing // purple, denim and polka dots

Skirt: Gift (but refashioned by me) {0.00}
Sweater: Kmart {I honestly don't remember how much I paid. Probably around 15.00}
Scarf: Thrifted {4.99}
Belt: Kmart {10.00?}
Shoes: Payless {15.99}
Leggings: Walmart {5.99}

    You guys should be proud of me. I actually remembered to put on shoes for these photos!! This outfit was one that I spent about three minuets putting together this morning. My main focus/idea when figuring it out was, "I AM FREEZING." So I wanted something warm, and the first thing I pulled out of my drawer was this purple sweater that I don't wear very often because it's a little too short. I threw it on and decided to go with my high-waisted denim skirt because i could tuck it in. The scarf was added for warmth, and I realized that I needed something else that was white to tie it in, so I added the belt and these shoes, which are colorful and make the outfit more casual.:) My hair is up in a high pony-tail because i didn't feel like straightening or curling it today.
    Basically, I am admitting that this outfit happened because I was freezing and lazy. But I think it turned out pretty cute. ;)


For those of you who are interested, here are my make up details:
Mascera: Covergirl, Lashblast fusion
Lip Tint: Burts Bees, Rhubarb Color
Eyeshadow: Sally Beauty Supply: Palladio Herbal Eye-shadow Quad in Purple 
Blush: Fred Myers: Maybealline dream bouncy blush in Pink Plum
Foundation Powder: L'oreal, Hydra Perfect
Conceler: Revlon, Colorstay extra light
Eyeliner: Sheer Cover Mineral, Classic Brown

I decided to be a little bold with my make-up today and go for bright purple. I found a make up hack last night for brighter eyeshadow. (Layer white eyeshadow over the entire lid to make your color's pop.) so I tried it this morning with a eyeshadow cream i have had for awhile but never really use. It did make my purples more vibrant, and it's keeping it on longer, which is a total plus!

This may win the "Most Bloopery Post I've Ever Done," award. :) You're welcome. Now you realize how strange I am. 


  1. You look so beautiful, my friend! You look really great with a shirt tucked in too -- not everyone can pull that off (speaking from experience here :-P). And yay! We're going to be posting outfits on the same day! (Well, hopefully, anyway.)

    Also, you should consider starting a makeup series or a beauty channel on YouTube. Your makeup always looks so good :)

    dance a real

    1. aww, thanks. Tucking in my shirt only works with certain outfits. :P

      I'll have to think about that. I would like to do some videos, but I am terrified of talking to the camera. (as ridiculous as that sounds. :) Maybe I should start with just picture tutorials or tips or something. I should do some research. :)

    2. It is kind of intimidating to talk to cameras. Especially when there are people in your house listening and wondering why on earth you would do that. :)

      Does your camera have a video feature? I wish mine did.

      dance a real


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